Next Meeting (10/07/2012)

First meeting for October. It’ll be good to see everyone again, hoping for a good turnout, it’s been a while. Plenty to talk about that is going on as always, including the U.S. Presidential race. Hope to see all the regulars as well as old friends and newbies are always welcome. Cheers for liberty!

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    Hi, Giorgio.I’m so sorry about the confusion but the presentation actually started at 6 PM. Juan wanted people to get joined and all ready 15 minutes before and that’s probably why you saw that Skype chat – he was helping people getting joined up and making sure they had audio (there’s a # phone that provides for audio) so it wasn’t a Skype chat. We’re happy that you gave it an effort and will consider how we can improve the experience for everyone. Thanks again!Ben

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    Norm,Your last answer is correct to Dr. Hardwood’s question #2. The reason we changed the preamble of the BF&M in 2000 was that professors were using “Jesus is the criterion” as a loop hole big enough to drive a Mack truck through to teach various scriptures were not correct because “Jesus would not do something like that”. I sat in a chapel service in 1989 and heard a prof at SEBTS preach from the Book of Thomas because Mark’s narrative was just not what Jesus would do. He referenced the very part of the preamble that I just noted.

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    “Deeply polarizing, the Jewish and Palestinian national narratives become irreconcilable, inhibiting prospects for a political settlement”That is a very negative take on things . Palestinians can understand the Holocaust but Zionism is too fragile to accept the Nakba. Perhaps that is because Zionist history is built on ideology rather than facts. Zochrot show that Jews can understand the Nakba. And they will, in time. It is part of their history.

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    Not for nothing, but even if it was a bad call by the ump as a player you know that the pitch is going to get called a strike, as it just was not a couple of pitches ago. Bad call yes, but on whose part? 2 strikes with a rally waiting to be taken you need to be protecting the plate Jorge.

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    Hey Berg – Why are you harassing Obama? So you think Palin is more qualified than Obama to be president? Because McCain is senile and likely won’t live long if he gets in there. So you are helping to give us someone worse than Bush – Palin.

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    what has changed on the Waste’s site? all I can see is more content from 9msn, including the shameless fluff piece about Eddy raising the ratings on ACAand a really scary photo byline of Pam Casellas. I know what mask I’ll be wearing next Halloween

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    Ces petites phrases sont elles sensées éclaricir ou bien obscurcir le chemin qui mène la Science ? A mon trés humble niveau, la théorie de la relativité n’en finit pas de semer le trouble dans mes convictions (quelles qu’elles soient). Mais bon, ton initiative mérite d’être saluée. ALORS SALUT A TOI, VULGARISATEUR DE L’IMPENETRABLE GNOSIS !

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    I will wait until April 2010 to buy a home because the Fed/Gov’t is creating another bubble in real estate … I wonder what will happen to home price once the April 2010 deadline is over? Will the Fed/Gov’t do another First Time Home Buyer extension? If so, then how long will this Charades last?And unemployment will still be + 10% next year

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    Great post…as an indie writer, I’m so happy to say that I’ve never come across this. The writers whose books I’ve read (and who have read my book) would never think to ask for a 5-star review…they want genuine opinions on their work and give their own sincere opinions on other writers’ work. I’d much rather have a bad but honest review than a fantastic fake one.

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    My question is does that oil tar also have oil eating bacteria in it? If so then no danger if an oil spill.My other question is, why was the pipeline killed by Obama? If he is working for the energy companies, which he is, they are all over the White House in key positions, then why did he do that?

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    disse:“It’s funny how something so normal and mundane that you see every day—your body—can be controversial. The shock value is intense. It’s like carrying an art piece around with you all the time.” – Beth Ditto

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    I just starting following your blog last week, and I have already been through every single one of your posts… but you haven't updated in over a week!! i hope you are still updating the blog…because your style and food pics are to die for! come back and give us something to get inspired from!xx a new reader

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    Parallels were less than tenuous. And Christie hasn’t been “Hummana-Hummaning”, he’s just acknowledged the problems. OTOH – Has Corzine explained why he paid off Katz, or shown us the email correspondence he had when they were negotiating on the side a couple of years ago? Or did he send his AG’s office to court, spending our tax money, to keep his treachery a secret?

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    "nothing we would do in this country from the keystone pipeline to drilling offshore would seem to help us unless we did not export it and sold it for less that the world market price"…Well larry g ask, beg, plead on your knees to Obama to quit cranking out the …

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    Implicit in the proponents' support for a massive minimum wage hike is that to work for less is demeaning and insulting. For these geniuses, workers are better off unemployed and on the dole than earning a "substandard" wage (a capricious figure they decide upon).And you know what? They are RIGHT!!! Sorta.Well, "right" for the workers making money not working. WRONG for the rest of us who remain working, carrying an ever larger burden of the welfare state. Ultimately this ever-expanding welfare state HAS to fail.

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    CO2 = plant foodWe eat plantsThe environmental movement was hijacked – our rivers are toxic & our fuel is low quality, causing actual air pollution – but people spend their time advocating Al Gore's nonsense based on crooked science?If you don't have at least a science degree you should hold your tongue re: global warming. The debate is by no means over.

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    the only reason he will never be a president is because people do not truly believe that he can become president….even people who like him, they still don’t want to give up a vote for him…if everybody that is with him would vote for him, and we would ALL campaign for him we could possibly have a GREAT president who actually wants to take a chance at changing a broken system. Sadly it will never happen…no republican, no democrat, I’m independent and so is he. not republican

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    Wanna 3:12 “Ya right. Sarcasm.”Wait a minute here. What sin had Noah committed before Eve persuaded him to eat the apple? The only one I know of is that he was naked like she was. I know that is a pretty big sin, but if we set it aside because there was no Walmart, Adam was sinless. Men would be sinless today were it not for the Eves.

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    A well thought out essay.It seems like the ds and the rs are having two different conversations.The dems are afraid of losing the new dealAnd the fiscal republicans fear cronyism.What comprimise can we come to?Of course the social conservatives just want gov out of the way- who needs washington when you have jesus? Blechh

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    Hi Leslie – Thank you so much for meeting up with us and taking our photos, which look AMAZING! It was awesome having our families spend a few hours together and we loved seeing the girls together again. Hopefully, we can do it again soon. Oli

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    Hello,We had a fantastic time at the choir spectacular at the OPREA HOUSE!!!Who ever saw us sing at the oprea house must have been suprised.BUT all i wanted to say is thank you Mrs Klose and Ms York for helping us to be part of choir and for teaching us the 12 very great songs for the big day and finally i would like to thank the people in choir who sang the songs beautifully.Your’s sincerly Suzie

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    A little off topic–excuse me.Prof Perry :No credit indeed !The Buffett Tax is in the news today. I'd like your opinion on how this could affect the KOCH Bros and other drilling entrepreneurs/risk takers.also-wouldn't this kill the MUNI Bond mkt and the cities who depend on the lower yields due to tax breaks for buyers. Thks, Dave

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    Hi Ivania!Hope you have a nice trip and a wonderful experience in the LFW. I can't wait to see what you do in there! please, keep us updated 🙂 about the look you were, I'm in love with all, but the sweatshirt you have done i like the most :)what kind of fabric you used to sew it?

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    I really like your comment about “the food SUCKS” in Charlotte is so spot on, and the fifty year old that had to leave this area, I kinda thought you where speaking of me. However, I just recently moved here and have applied to Cowfish all three times wondering why they have not called back. Well I am going to send you my resume and please try to explain why a Chef with over 30 years in the business and from the Vegas area can’t get a call back.

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    Just ate lunch at Sunshine Seasons in The Land and they have a new brownie called a S’mores brownie!! If you love s’mores like me, you’ll enjoy it. It’s toasted mini marshmallows drizzled with chocolate/caramel on top of a moist brownie with a layer of graham cracker crust! Yum!

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    What a good advert for the Chelsea fan community this thread has been. Just a procession of insulting, belittling, mocking, and abusive statements. Is that what we’re about?I think as much as some people need to “learn football”, others need to learn how to debate with respect.Reply

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    The only thing I remember about "Elvira Madigan," which I've never seen, is that it was released in the U.S. at the same time as a hard-boiled detective movie called "Madigan," starring Richard Widmark and directed by Don Siegel. Supposedly, a lot of blue-haired ladies who thought they were going to see soft-focus Mozart-accompanied boating scenes ended up at the wrong theatre.

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    I try to remember this converstion though the Durango is really a new one particular on me, thanks I usually learn a thing once i stop at Hemmings. It does glance fairly excellent, but granted how these sort of projects go I wouldn’t be surprised if a kit was bought and now sits langusihing in some DIY’ers garage someplace amongst commence and end.

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    I thought you named him Tenzin for Tenzing Norgay because he’s always schlepping your stuff around. And then I remembered its actually you doing the most of the schlepping. I bet Sunny, that the DL thinks kittens and rainbows are cool.I love you and I think this is the best thing you have done in years. Sing it loud sister!xoxo,JLA

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    Your sugar bowl is beautiful! What a find. Re: the things left behind… My hubby left behind a phone charger one time, and he called to check on it right away. They found it, and we asked them to send it to us, which they did –at our expense, of course. We would've had to pay to purchase another charger so… I guess it depends how much you love the things you left behind! =D

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    Another one for the youth group! And much better than the blue eye, brown eye experiment.I come from a culture where you are taught in school about “other” traditions. “Other” being whatever you were not since there were catholics, hindus, muslims, black, indian, chinese in the room. We were taught about the different religions and cultures and as a country we celebrated all of them. The key to living harmoniously with different cultures is education. Once you understand, you at least have options.

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    Thank you so much, Charan! I hope to be using your plans in my home within the year. I do have a question, though: in the diagram it looks like the bottom drain holes in the inner bucket are below the level of the outlet to the sewer, is that correct?Thanks again! Jan

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    and did. I didn’t even have a key to my own front door, and somebody else had to let me in because my hand was shaking so much. So here I am. 65 years old. Still alive, and doing quite well under the circumstances. Thanks to anyone who got this far in reading my story. Maybe I will not feel quite so alone now. I’ve just reread this horrible ‘victim’ story, and must make a big effort to be more positive about life. Thanks again.

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    Spero che il giorno (che non arrivi mai) che doveste trovare a casa un figlio con qualche problema ritornerete a leggere queste stronzate,poi capirete bene chi è l’ipodotato o la satira del cazzo che fate sulla pelle di chi non può nemmeno,in alcuni casi,controbattere.Poi magari vi scappa anche la lacrimuccia quando vedete i filmati di maltrattamenti contro gli animali,povera gente….che si diverte anche con poco,vi ammiro per questo!Well-loved.

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    comentou em 28 de janeiro de 2010 às 13:49. Uso os dois, depende da época. O rosinha/alaranjado é mais forte e para peles mais oleosas (mas amo o efeito de limpeza profunda que dá). Já o azul/esverdeado é mais suave. Limpa tanto quanto o rosa, mas é mais suave na pele. Acho que dá pra começar provando o azul.BJssss!!!!!

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    I am a big fan of “Think About it the Night Before”. This works well for my brain – I feel as though I’m saving quite a bit of time if I finish my thoughts at night. When I start going again in the morning I only need to remember the end result, not which thought I was in the middle of. Very good points!

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    I find the diagnosis somewhat difficult to understand, given the tensions between the effects of schizophrenia on the sufferer as described in this article and the intense planning, co-ordination and execution of the twin attacks. It is however, in the interests of the state to find him mentally incompetent and thus the reason for his behaviour, otherwise they would have to look at other causes.

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    You know it's a dud date when the people who have been dead for more than a century are more interesting than the person who brought you to them… I found this to be an unfortunately accurate and sensitive depiction of a lot of on-line dating. Which is to say, nice job! But ow. But great story! But ow.

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    se bem que este tipo de discos, de bandas que já pouco sentido fazem de existir, nos moldes que os DELFINS existiram nos ultimos anos, não mereça grande consideração, acho que editar isto com esta capa, ainda mais a esta altura do campeonato em que os discos são cada vez mais objecto de coleccionador, parecem-me uma aberração enorme!

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    Very beautiful Malin. I love those 2 little beads that you put together, and especially those little sort of faceted mauve/pink beads from the focal to the clasp on the right in the top picture. Those are really interesting, along with all the elements. A lovely creation!

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    – OMG i absolutely adore this wedding…every single element! i’d love love love to feature this on hi-fi weddings and find out more about that cd (favor?)anyway…i ADORE your work and everything about your site! just shoot me an email if you’re interested and we can talk about the details! xoxo – ashleyJanuary 19, 2011 – 4:43 pm

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    I believe James Brown also endorsed Nixon in 1972, although as far as I know he did not actually attend the convention. It was Brown who once introduced Strom Thurmond and Al Sharpton to each other, recently described by Sharpton as a traumatic experience, but I remember an interview Brown gave a few years ago in which he was full of praise for Thurmond. Unfortunately, of course, neither Chamberlain nor Brown was much of a role model in non-political matters.

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    "I wandered lonely as a cloud that floats on high o'er dale and hill"… Actually, a lot of what was written in those Yankee backwoods was piddling crap (see above, I had to memorise it for a show in 5th grade), and if you haven't seen the place in mud season, you haven't known true misery. Still can't figure out why it pulls at me so. And the Dachsies are prime yum-yum material for coyotes, which often run the size of a middlin' German Shepard around those parts. Check your e-mail.

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    il est sidérant que quelqu’un imagine ici spirituel de conseiller à quelqu’un’ et qui que ce soit- de chercher un culte, , où que ce soit et de qui, mort ou vif, ou quoi, mot , fleur ,ou nuage , que ce soit . et cela je le dirais tout aussi bien à PAssouline , lui-même , s’il s’y met-tait- c’est plus que dépasser les lignes ! allez,les hypercatons et hypercatins de la pataligne de jours fériés

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    Congratulations on your pregnancy! I just stumbled onto your site and love it!! I had morning sickness with my first 2 boys but with my third boy my hubby had it! lol seriously! I kinda felt sorry for him, but at the same time it was so nice to be pregnant and not have the toilet for my best friend for 8 weeks!

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    ……….And now the number 2 “head cheese” is going to lead a commission on new gun related issues. It would seem that Soetoro could have picked somebody who can at least TALK INTELLIGENTLY. All I have to say regarding Biden being the leader of such a group is …..HAR HAR DE HAR HAR…nothing like having a COMPLETE NITWIT leading other NITWITS.

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    You are an inspiration! I am also a Type A and I have enjoyed living vicariously through you as you have stepped out of your comfort zone and grown, and grown, and grown. I am taking baby steps and hopefully, I will continue to get more brave. Please keep sharing your successes

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    I love Diagnosis Murder! And once in a while, they come up with a really good line. There were also several eps that dealt with call girls, which was a little risque for that show. This quote, tho, is from one about an author, I think. I found it both appropriate & amusing. :lolgeez

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    Verdad es que lo han cesado desde arriba, pero el PP-Madrid-Aguirre (autora directa de la nueva coz), alaban su "ética, responsabilidad" al dejar -que no cesar- su puesto ya que sigue siendo militante del PP". Pedir la nacionalización es "…peras del olmo", y menos del Guindo's. Aunque Esperanzapudiera madrileñalizar Bankia con tal de colocar a sus amigos, tener su control es capaz de todo, pero esto es una boutade y quedar bien.

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    Jeanne: oui, merci de le signaler… pas là pour faire les malins mais pour partager…et pour découvrir la richesse de chacun…(un réconfort face au spectacle que nous offre notre société!)

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    SOOOO fun! I love that little green hand! Such a great embellie!! I wish I could exercise more–I used to do it 3 hours a day and eat 10 grapes, 10 crackers, a salad, etc. for the entire day. OY! I think that was a bit extreme—so I'm trying to find an in between. 🙂

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    Sarah, your Poppa Max was a "larger than life" human and one that I am fortunate to have known. You are a true angel to be able to pen such a tribute to him at this time of the year, hope you know that you are a very special lady, I do enjoy following you.Arralee

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    Hey Benny,I’m glad you’ve found a lot of satisfaction from blogging. It’s a very reward and sometimes frustrating pursuit. But you’re on the right track though. Keep trying to help others and you’ll get good things back in return. I can imagine having a beer or coffee with you. You seem like an interesting person who has a lot to say. Keep finding that motivation to continue and inspire others.Steve

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