NO Labor Day Meetup, + Free Hillsdale Class!

There will be no September 5th Red Rocks meetup, in observance of Labor Day.  Next meetup will be September 19th, location to be announced.

ALSO, please be sure to take advantage of a *FREE* upcoming class on the Constitution being provided by Hillsdale College.  Featuring Congressmen Paul Ryan and Charles Krauthammer, the six week course (webinar or archived) will cover:

  • What the framers of the Constitution understood about the document they were writing, especially its fundamental principles true of human beings at all times and in all places;
  • Why the fundamental features of the American Constitution are representation and separation of powers;
  • Why the key to a republican form of government is the vibrancy, size and independence of this private society.

What better way to celebrate Constitution Day?  Register at: