President Trump is right… the National Anthem is about respecting the flag, honoring our soldiers, and being grateful for that which unites all Americans. But the NFL continues to support the billionaire owners and millionaire players who kneel or sit during the national anthem and refuses to enforce the rule to have players stand and respect our flag.

Help us reach 1 million Americans to join the grassroots movement to take our game back!

Dear Roger Goodell...

We stand in support of the American Flag, our troops and law enforcement, who sacrifice their lives to protect our rights and freedoms. The Flag and our anthem are the symbols of America’s generosity and exceptionalism, and should not be disrespected by millionaire players and billionaire owners for their personal political grievances.

Football has always been a refuge from politics. The game is a time when Americans from diverse backgrounds come together and cheer for our favorite teams. Due to the NFL’s decisions, this is no longer the case.

  • We demand the NFL recognize and respect the Flag as a symbol of our shared national sacrifice.
  • We demand that the NFL restore professionalism, reverence and respect for the National Anthem, by enforcing rules requiring players to stand for the National Anthem.
  • And we demand that the politicization of football end now.

If the NFL does not act immediately, we expect our elected officials to vote against subsidizing and funding stadiums with taxpayer money, and to remove any existing government funding for the NFL, its stadiums and its associated businesses.


Football Fan and Respectful American!

A project of Unite for Freedom, a 501(c)4