Liberty on the Rocks focuses on promoting individual liberty through economics, reason and philosophy. Below you will find a list of recommended articles, books and videos suitable for any individual interested in learning more this pertinent topic. Also, check out the ‘Online Educational Opportunities’ section to watch videos and find online courses.


Free Market Economics

Individual Liberties

The Classic Blueprint for a Free Society: The Law, by Frédéric Bastiat (PDF)

Private Property Rights

Online Educational Opportunities

Marketing Tips

Marketing Tip #1: Use Email Lists

Even if you already send invitations via Facebook, it is very important to also collect emails and utilize a list. This will ensure that you hit those who are not signed up for Facebook and it will also serve as another reminder for those who are.

Here are three suggested ways to utilize email lists (all free!):


  • Free up to 1,000 subscribers and up to 5,000 emails a month
  • Allows you to create multiple lists of names and emails
  • Gives you the ability to know who opened your emails
  • Allows you to test your marketing skills as it provides feedback on each email batch sent out
  • Allows you to easily create and send professional HTML emails with pictures and different color styles
  • Allows you to easily address recipients by their first name
  • Gives you the opportunity to post an email sign-up link on your website
  • Provides support videos @

Google Groups

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Must have a Google email address to set up a ‘group’
  • Creates a list of names, emails and bio’s as people join the group
  • Gives you the ability to allow all members to send emails to the group (optional)
  • Gives you the opportunity to post an email sign-up link on your website


  • Allows you to easily create and send professional emails
  • Provides recipients with the option to RSVP for your event on the email
  • Allows you to track RSVP’s
  • Plenty of pre-made templates to choose from
  • Allows you to determine who opened your emails
  • Allows you to easily upload photos to your emails
  • Provides the opportunity to create a list of names and emails
  • Sends automatic “reminder” and “thank you” emails

Marketing Tip #2: Promote Your Event to a Larger Audience By Utilizing ‘Notes’ on Facebook

When you tag someone in a note it shows up on his or her wall and in the FB news feed. This allows you to promote your event to a larger number of people, including those who may not already be fans of your group on Facebook.

Tips for writing a Facebook Note:

  • Find the ‘Notes’ tab: It is located on the left hand side of your personal Facebook profile, underneath your photo.
  • Write Your Note: Be sure to use a catchy headline (entice people to read it!). Keep it short, and don’t forget to provide the details of when and where you are meeting. It is also a good idea to provide a link to the event on FB so that people can RSVP or get additional information.
  • Change Privacy Settings: Before you publish your note, change the privacy tab at the bottom of the note so it is viewable for ‘Everyone’.
  • ‘Tag’ Your Friends: After you have written your note, utilize the Liberty on the Rocks Tool Application to determine which friends on Facebook are the most “popular” (i.e. which have the most activity on their FB wall). You can tag up to 30 friends in your notes, but be certain not to “over tag” a friend. It is best to change up the people you ‘tag’ each month.
  • Add Flair: Add a fun photo to your note to garner attention and use a bold headline!

Marketing Tip #3: Create a ‘Page’ To Increase your Fans/Members on Facebook

Unlike groups, pages are open to the public. This means your posts and subsequent comments will show up on the ‘News Feed’ that is visible to a larger audience. The more comments, likes and posts you have, the more it will appear, urging people to visit your page and become a fan (i.e. ‘Like’ your page). However, it is still important to have a group on Facebook for sending invitations to your events. So we suggest having one of each!

To Create a Page: Type the following link into your browser once you are logged in to Facebook: From there click ‘Create a Page’ on the top right-hand side. Then, choose “Company, Organization or Institution”. Choose the “Non-Profit Organization” category and then add the name of your new LOTR chapter (i.e. Denver LOTR or LOTR ____).

Here is one simple tip for promoting your page once it’s been created:

Use Your Group to Tag People: “Tagging” allows you to post information onto the wall of the group/page, or individual you tag. The logo of your group will show up alongside the note (rather than your personal photo). You can do this to promote events or to attract people to your page by posting a good quote or link.

For Example: If you wanted to promote your next event to the members of your local Tea Party group (we’ll call it the Denver Tea Party) you could post this on your wall, “Hey (insert @ symbol) Denver Tea Party members! Are you interested in meeting others with a passion for freedom? Then join us for our next (insert @ symbol and your groups name) Liberty on the Rocks happy hour this Wednesday!”

How to “tag”

  • To “tag” a group, event or person, you must first be a friend, member or have “liked” the page
  • Type the information you want to post on another wall onto your own page’s wall post by clicking the ‘Status’ link at the top of the page
  • To “tag” someone in the wall post, type in the @ symbol where you want to insert the group/page/individual you want to “tag” and then begin typing their name. This will create a hyperlink to the group/page/individual and the post will also show up on their wall (unless they have that feature turned off, which happens from time to time)

When to “tag”

  • Invite people to your meet-ups
  • Promote your group and/or events on other pages/groups
  • Thank people for coming out to your events
  • Post photos from your events and tag the people in the photos (if you are their friend)
  • Post questions, comments or links that will encourage others to comment in return (this will make your posts more likely to show up in news feeds on Facebook)

Recent Update to Facebook Pages (April 2011)

Updates sent through your page will now be received in Facebook inboxes, similar to the way messages were received through the old group formats.

Marketing Tip #4: Promote Your Events on the National Website!

Promoting your events on Facebook should always be the first thing you do to garner attention to your meetings, but it’s not the only way.

Another easy route for promoting your event is by posting it on your club’s website (if you do not have one, please send an email to to get one set up). As soon as it’s posted, it will also automatically appear on and will be added to the main calendar of events.

This is a simple and easy way to get more eyes on your local club! Just copy and paste your event information from Facebook onto a post on your website, and voila!

To learn more about utilizing your website to promote your group, visit the Online Marketing section located under the Chapter Resources tab.

Marketing Tip #5: Promote Your Website & Facebook Page with Polls & Surveys!

Everyone knows that people love to speak their minds and wish to be heard. Oftentimes, they also love to know what the rest of the world is thinking.  By conducting weekly/bi-weekly or monthly polls, you can attract a whole new audience to your website and Facebook page by offering the opportunity to be heard, and to hear the opinions of others.

The most important aspect of these polls is that they must be timely and if possible, controversial. There are plenty of opportunities each day – all you have to do is read the news! For example, some interesting poll questions could have been, “Are WikiLeaks harmful or helpful for freedom?” or “Do the recent Arizona shootings warrant more or less gun control?”

Once you conduct a poll – you’ve got to promote it! Post it on your website and provide a link on FB to bring a larger audience to your site. You can then post updates a few times a week to provide up-to-date results and to encourage people to vote.

Setting Up a Poll

  1. Go to your Dashboard/Admin section of your website
  2. Click on ‘Polls’ on the bottom of the left hand column
  3. Click ‘Add Poll’
  4. Determine a Question and potential Answers (consider what will generate interest)
  5. Choose an ending for the poll, then promote it up until that time. It will encourage people to vote when they know the poll is ending.
  6. To post your poll, determine where you want it to be on your site (left or right side)
  7. Then click on ‘Appearance’ on the left hand column, then on ‘Widgets’
  8. Choose the sidebar (on the right side of the screen) you’d like it to show up in (i.e. Right Inner, Right, Left, etc.)
  9. Click the down arrow to open up the sidebar widget
  10. Locate ‘Polls’ under available widgets in the middle of your screen.  Drag and drop it in the sidebar widget of your choice.
  11. When you create a new poll, open up this same page, go to this ‘widget’ and choose the correct ‘current active poll’ to be displayed.

See the Denver Liberty on the Rocks website for an example of a poll.

As always, please direct any questions or comments to and a Liberty on the Rocks team member will be in touch with you ASAP!

Marketing Tip #6: Promote Your Club Wherever you Go with FREE Business Cards from VistaPrint!

While Facebook and make marketing a gazillion times easier – as well as more effective and efficient, it is still vital to the growth of our chapters that we spread the word in person as well as on the web.

Simply mentioning your group may pique curiosity, but in this day and age people also need a tangible reminder. That’s where a business card can come in handy! And you can order 250 for FREE by going to and creating your design from a multitude of free templates. The only cost to you is shipping.

Here is a Sample Business Card:

Business Card Tip: Add as much information on your card as possible, without making it too cluttered. For example, if you meet at the same place each month – and plan to for a while – go ahead and add information about when and where you regularly meet. You will also want to include a link to your chapter’s website and an email address.*

*If you have not yet received a Liberty on the Rocks email address, please send an email to with a request to be set up with one.

Marketing Tip #7: Promote Your Chapter Using FreedomConnect

FreedomWorks recently came out with a new online social networking platform to help connect advocates of freedom throughout the United States. It is structured in a fashion similar to Facebook, except it makes it much easier for users to connect with others – hence the name. According to Matt Kibbe, President of FreedomWorks, the site was created to:

  • Be the first-ever social networking platform that puts location first, making it easy to find groups and events near you.
  • Bring together local and national activists up on the issues that matter to YOU.
  • Allow neighbors, allies, and even friendly rivals to communicate easily and set a game plan.

Liberty on the Rocks encourages Chapter Organizers to utilize websites and social networking platforms that help them promote their group and locate advocates of freedom in their community. FreedomConnect does this, and seems to have the ability to grow and expand over time. Unlike Facebook, it is easy to find advocates of freedom in your area – and to send messages directly to their “wall”. There are major benefits to using this site and we’d like to recommend that you give it a try.

While the decision to join FreedomConnect is ultimately up to you, we’d like to ensure you are aware that information provided on this site (similar to Facebook) will be stored and possibly shared. It is important to note that Facebook, along with other social networking sites, has a very similar policy and it’s nothing new. Nonetheless, we encourage you to read their privacy policy and decide for yourself which platforms are best for you and your group.

Marketing Tip #8: Provide an Educational Outlet By Adding a Dash of Controversy

Looking for new ways to attract people to your meet-ups? Why not host a debate? It’s an easy way to showcase two differing points of view within the liberty movement in a safe and welcoming atmosphere. The goal is to keep it friendly, informative and fun.

We hosted our first debate through Liberty on the Rocks Denver at our March 2 meet-up and the night was a success! We were able to double our attendance (going from around 20 to over 40 attendees) as well as foster almost an hour’s worth of group discussion. The topic debated was, Republicans or Libertarians: Which Party is a Bigger Advocate of Liberty?

What Made it a Success:

  • The topic was controversial; yet informative
  • The topic was important to many people
  • The debaters were friendly with one another (keeping the debate itself friendly)
  • The audience was given a chance to respond and ask questions
  • The LOTR host reminded the audience that this was meant to be a friendly, civil debate aimed at fostering discussion (something that helped set the tone)

The great thing about Liberty on the Rocks is that we stand for certain values, not political parties – which makes for an interesting crowd. Differences have and will continue to surface within the freedom movement, so why not discuss these issues as friends rather than enemies? Through debate, we are able to confront these topics without anger or resentment as both sides have the chance to be heard. Once the debate takes place, it is up to the audience to settle on conclusions.

Follow this link to view the recent debate that took place at Liberty on the Rocks in Denver.

Not sure what to debate? Bring it up to your members and attendees – what are they interested in? Not sure who to invite for a debate? Often times, state-based free market think tanks have an abundance of resources, making it a good place to start. There are also plenty of state-based groups that are likely to have people on one side of an issue or another (liberty-related) who may be interested in a friendly debate. Check out ‘Links to Nationwide Free Market Groups’ under  Chapter Resources to find a group near you.

Marketing Tip #9: Survey Your Guests for Success!

Are you looking for new ways to increase your attendance rates and the success of your network? Perhaps it’s time to survey your guests! This can be used to determine whether there is a more convenient day and/or time for your meeting, a better location for happy hour or to learn what guests are most interested in doing at your meet-ups.

Survey Monkey

Creating and sending surveys is easy and free! Survey Monkey is a great site to use if you would like to send a link to the survey via an email and/or FB message. Survey Monkey is also great for open-ended questions, such as “What would make you most likely to attend our Liberty on the Rocks meetings?” or “What do you enjoy most about our Liberty on the Rocks meetings?” or “Is there something you would like to see us do differently at our happy hour meetings?”, etc.

Website Poll

You can also add a poll to your website to find out what guests are most interested in. Would they like to see more (brief) speakers and/or invited guests? Would they be interested in participating in group discussions or activities? You can then promote the poll via Facebook and/or email and help drive traffic to your site while learning more about your guests and attendees.