Succeeding at Seceding

Nothing pleases me more, personally, than all these talks about states seceding from the federal government. The back and forth between opposing parties makes the entire spectacle enthralling and enlightening because where else do you get to see statism vs. statism is such a grand array while each side reaches for the memories of our forefathers to defend their position on the matter outside of the conversation of taxation. But the question still remains, while this is illegal…. can it happen?

Now, of course, we have pseudo-intellectual “anarchists” coming out and chanting the “It’s statism… don’t ask to be free” mantra without a miniscule amount of critical thinking in the situation as a whole. You have others who talk down and make snide comments about it. As a “voluntaryist” (I despise titles, but for reference sake in this article I will use it), even I noticed the slight irony of trading one master for another. However, there is something bigger at work here that many of the other liberty driven people are failing to grasp because of short sighted opposition to all that exists on the political front.

People are thinking. People are talking. Ideas are being forged in the realm of liberty that hasn’t been crafted in ages. Many along the “anarchist” lines dump all over the idea, disregarding the fact that this is merely a rough draft, not the final product. While no one is saying that one should be 100% in support of many sovereign states, you have to admit that it takes a high level of testicular fortitude for groups of people to come out and openly support what was once a taboo topic.

People in our camp should be encouraging, not talking down and belittling this movement. Rather, we should be encouraging others to take it one step further and not stop with being satisfied with a smaller master. We are seeing for the first time in recent history where large groups of people are questioning the normality of what they have come to know and have taken it upon themselves to seek out new ideas. People are talking. People are thinking. This is the time for us to put away condescending attitudes and challenge more people to evolve themselves away from the autopilot life of tyranny and truly understand what it means to be free and achieve liberty.

We have not seen such a fertile group of minds, ready to be shown something new. Their masters have failed them. Ron Paul was not the savior they hoped he would be. Rand Paul sold his father out for the glory of the party. Mitt Romney lost to the allegedly worst president ever. Obama is still plowing over civil liberties as the people cling to the last few shreds of their beloved Constitution, regardless of party ideology. People are lost and in shock that their notions of liberty were overrun by the system and that the party paradigm has failed them. We don’t need to remind them that they failed themselves (What good does that do? How does that make us look credible?), but meet them where they are and begin steering the conversation in a more correct manner, one that challenges their concepts of liberty and their statism. To them, liberty is smaller government control because they don’t know better and “anarchy” equals in their minds a chaotic concept that too many have a hard time grasping without being guided down that path through logical discourse and debate. The masses haven’t disconnected form the matrix yet and we shouldn’t be giving them reason to stay plugged in.

Should we support states seceding from the union? We should be quietly ambivalent about it, in my opinion. Focus the conversation more on what being free is, rather than cliche and demeaning responses that are geared to shut people down. We have an audience more open to listen to what we have to say than ever before and it would be a shame to allow our pride to spoil a great opportunity.

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