Running a successful liberty network takes leadership and teamwork. Be sure that you recruit motivated and active individuals to help you establish a successful group, and provide them with specific roles and responsibilities. Three is good number to have when looking to establish a successful network, but it can be beneficial to bring on even more if possible. It is also important that you position your club to be a place where representatives from free market groups and causes can connect with members of the community. Choose the number of roles you need to fill accordingly, and feel free to combine roles and/or switch up the responsibilities of each individual in a way that best fits your network.

The following are suggested positions to fill (aside from the role of the President): 


Overall, the President is in charge of running and maintaining the club as a whole, which includes developing and/or updating the chapter plan, and coordinating the logistics of internal efforts. In addition, their role tends to consist of running the social component, including locating a venue to meet, planning meetings each month (including reserving the location, determining the date for each meeting and ensuring at least one chapter organizer is at each meet-up), greeting and connecting individuals at meetings, communicating the success of the chapter or assigning others to do so (through the chapter blog, facebook page and/or email list), and working with the national organization when necessary. They are also in charge of working with the Director of Recruitment to help guests become “plugged in” to the liberty network. This is done by working with other liberty-oriented groups in the area and bringing representatives to the meet-ups to network with potential volunteers, member, students and/or employees.

Director of Marketing

The Director of Marketing is in charge of all marketing aspects, including marketing the group online and posting/promoting all meet-ups (they will work with the president to determine when the meetings need to be posted). They are also in charge of creating the overall online presence for the group and determining the best strategies for marketing the group (i.e. to increase the size of attendees). Blogger outreach to personal blogs would also be a function to keep your local website up-to-date and to disperse any new blog posts through social media sites. More information on how to engage in marketing for your network can be found in the Online Marketing section under Chapter Resources (you must be registered to view this section).

Director of Recruitment (DR)

The Director of Recruitment is in charge of bringing in new members and volunteers and encouraging them to become active and involved; this includes marketing the club if no Director of Marketing position is filled. The DR maintains a membership email list, and creates the chapter’s email newsletter if applicable. They are also responsible for working with the president to assist people in becoming “plugged in” to the liberty network. This is done by creating relationships with other liberty-oriented groups and activists in the area, and inviting representatives to the meet-ups to network with potential volunteers, members, students and/or employees. Finding incentives for others to attend and interact with guests is a large part of this role.  The DR will also work with the president to showcase different groups in the area (at meet-ups, outside events and/or via online sites) and encourage members to get involved with one or more – whether it’s an educational event, an activism opportunity (non-candidate related) or a chance to spread the message of liberty. More information on how to work with other groups is located in the section entitled Working with Free Market Groups.

Vice President of Education

The VP of Education is in charge of providing the educational aspect of the chapter. This can be done in many ways, including offering educational materials and resources at meet-ups, hosting guest speakers (the shorter the speaking time, the better), organizing educational events outside of the social meet-ups, co-hosting educational events with other free market organizations and/or organizing educational activities at meet-ups. They are also encouraged to help the president maintain the blog site with educational posts, including helping to locate volunteers for the job. Lastly, the VP of Education is responsible for bringing educational, marketing and other resources and materials (such as a speaker set, sign-up sheet, nametags, etc.) to each event.  For more information on how to provide an educational aspect to your chapter, see Establishing an Educational Environment in the Chapter Resources section.