Summer Collegiate Send-off Thank the Bernank for Fixing the Economy – May 11 @ 630pm

Wednesday, May 11 · 6:30pm – 9:30pm

Spring is the time for love and this spring who can college students not love more than the great savior of their economic futures: Ben Bernanke. Join us to raise a toast to the man whose actions influence so much of our lives, our children’s lives, our unborn children’s lives, our unborn granchildren’s lives, our unborn great, ahem, you get the idea..

We invite all college students out including and most especially the liberty groups at our local universities. A send-off for the summer interns and those graduating! The rest of you can hang out with us this summer!

ALSO, be sure to check out our upcoming visit to Porcfest 2011 in June!

When you arrive ask the hostess in the pool area where we’re at!


JIllian’s Boston

before 8pm all ages, after 8pm, 18+

Note the Red Sox are out of town 5/11 so parking will still be challenging but not impossible. Close to Green Line Fenway and Kenmore Square stop. A lot of metered parking (off after 6p) is available on Bay State Road a short walk from Jillians

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