Pledge to Support the Promotion & Discussion of Free Market Ideas!

Back on February 10, 2009, Liberty In the Books held its first meeting in Denver; we reviewed “Moral Health Care vs. ‘Universal Health Care'” by Lin Zinser and Paul Hsieh. Dr. Hsieh even attended in person to discuss the article!

Since then, we’ve read 16 additional works on free-market economics, history, and law—first-rate works ranging from “Economics In One Lesson” by Henry Hazlitt to “The Original Constitution” by Rob Natelson. For details, see the Liberty in the Books website.

Now we need your help to continue the program. In 2010, Liberty In the Books raised enough money to fund Ari’s work with the program for two years. That money runs out this July. Will you please contribute to the pledge campaign to keep this valuable program going?

Not only does Liberty In the Books provide a forum in Denver for discussing the great works of liberty, it offers a model to others around the nation for starting independent discussion groups or pursuing independent study.

Consider what participants have said about Liberty In the Books:

“At Liberty in the Books you will read thought provoking books and meet intelligent people who want to gain a better understanding of our world through reading about economics, public policy, and liberty.” —Brad Beck, Founder of Liberty Toastmasters

“Liberty In the Books is the best way I’ve found to gain proficiency communicating free market ideas and how they work. The regular discipline of reading encourages you to think about the books in more depth. Also, the kindred spirits you meet provide a sounding board on many issues. This can only make you a better practitioner or promoter of liberty.” —Craig Green, Engineer and Senior Fellow at the Independence Institute

Ari’s work with the program consists of evaluating, selecting, and scheduling books and articles; writing discussion questions; updating the web page; leading the monthly meetings; planning the meeting times and locations; and communicating with participants of the group through email. This work takes around 10 hours or more each month.

To fund this work, Liberty In the Books is conducting a pledge campaign to raise at least $1080 to fund Ari’s work for another year (at $90 per month). Additional money raised through the campaign will finance more months of work at the same rate.

Will you pledge to support Liberty In the Books for another year or more? Pledges will be collected only after we reach the goal of $1080. Any level of pledge helps. Your pledge of $5, $20, $100, or more will support this valuable program. To make a pledge, simply fill out this form. If our goal is met, you will receive an email with information on where to send your pledge amount.

Whether you participate in the program yourself, Liberty In the Books promotes the ideas of liberty so essential to a free and prosperous society.

Liberty In the Books is a project of Liberty On the Rocks, a nonprofit organization, so all contributions are tax deductible.

Thank you for pledging to support Liberty In the Books!