Liberty on the Rocks in the Boulder Examiner!

Last week Ryan Gaunt from the Boulder Examiner sat down with me to discuss Liberty on the Rocks:

Do you find yourself thinking what is going on with the free world? Do you ever wonder what happened to the American principles of limited government, individual liberty and free markets? Do you ever wonder where are all the people that still believe in Freedom and why no one in the main stream media, except John Stossel, is talking about freedom? Well Colorado’s own Amanda Teresi did when she co-founded Liberty on the Rocks, which is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the principles of Freedom that once made America the bastion of a free society.

Liberty on the Rocks is based on the idea of tavern style politics in the tradition of the Founding Fathers. It is a place where people can come together to discuss current political issues and debate the philosophies of old with a uniting theme of Liberty. With the government taking more control of the economy and eroding the protections of the constitution, Liberty on the Rocks is the grassroots movement that is encouraging folks to become active and informed on issues related to Liberty, in a comfortable and relaxed setting. The meetings are informal without set agendas where people can mingle and network or get up in front of the crowd to give a quick speech if they have important information to share.

Liberty on the Rocks doesn’t support or oppose any candidates or parties, it is simply a group working towards spreading the message of Freedom to folks across the country, and it’s going Nationwide. Chapters have started up in eleven states and even one in Vancouver, Canada. “Free Market think tanks should be considered cool”, Amanda Teresi said over a cup coffee. Amanda, who is the current president of Liberty on the Rocks, established this organization to encourage people to learn the principles of liberty in a way that is more in depth than watching the news. The Liberty on the Rocks social networks encourage liberty-lovers from all political backgrounds to share ideas on liberty and discuss the ways it can be maintained in America. They also point guests towards local and national organizations that have completed research on these issues, so they have opportunities to better educate themselves as well.

“The people are the defenders of the constitution, not the government”, said Amanda Teresi, “Someone is always going to try to grab as much power as they can and it is up to an educated and informed public to keep that power in check”. Amanda is an informed and active citizen who wants people to know of the best places to look for information on current issues, such as from organizations like the CATO institute, Reason, the Mises institute, the Independence Institute and Lew

Because of the activism of Liberty minded people, the idea of a Free nation is still alive and well as represented by Liberty on the Rocks. As Amanda touted ,”If a nation expects to be ignorant and free…it expects what never was and never will be.” If you are looking for a fun place to grab a drink and have some enlightening discussions while learning how to get more involved in the liberty movement, than Liberty on the Rocks would Love to see you at one of their next meetings. To find a chapter near you, visit, or email Amanda directly at