February Nashville Events!

What an exciting month we have going on.

Monday the 13th Radley Balko is speaking at a Vanderbilt YAL meeting on The Militarization of Main Street which is open to the public.

Of course our regular meeting is on Thursday the 16th and it will be great:
Come meet Shayne Edwards the director of An Inconsistent Truth which has been hammering the box office during it’s preview release. Mr. Edwards will share with us some insight on the topic of Global Warming.

Movie trailer:

As usual there is a 2 for 1 special on for our group.

And coming up are some great book studies with our member Gene Wisdom, one I’m keen on is The Law by Frederic Bastiat but first in order are The Conservative Intellectual Movement in America Since 1945 (by George H. Nash) and Ideas Have Consequences (by Richard M. Weaver)

Audio Book

We hope to see you next Thursday but also run into you at the other events

What does the Declaration of Independence really say?

Celebrate liberty and fellowship with other liberty lovers on January 10th 5:30pm to 7:30pm at The Dublin House (1850 Dominion Way, Colorado Springs) enjoying Tavern Style Politics and Activism in the Tradition of our Founding Fathers. The presentation / discussion will cover: treason, history, Blackwell, Bastiat, the Founders, unalienable vs. inalienable rights, AND your opinions.

Leah Hotchkiss will lead this presentation and then open the floor to respectful discourse in the best political format in town;  tavern style politics.  So come on out tonight and enjoy the discussion. You won’t be disappointed.

The evening’s entertainment will include the infamous 30 second soapbox, trivia and awesome happy hour deals along with a door prize or two.

January 24th:
5:30pm @ The Dublin House  “The Internet: Gutenberg Press of the 21st Century” presented by Bob Adelmann

February 14th:
5:30pm @ The Dublin House  “Valentines day LOTR special: Ladies night!”

For more info:email or call 719.237.4598

Liberty on the Rocks is the place to meet others interested in free market and/or liberty-oriented principles while enjoying Tavern Style Politics and Activism in the Tradition of our Founding Fathers!

Disclaimer: Speakers/Guests/Articles do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Colorado Springs Liberty On The Rocks, and Colorado Springs LOTR does not endorse or support any candidate in any election.

Frederic Bastiat, Happy Birthday

Today marks the birth of Frederic Bastiat in 1801.

He is well known for writing ‘The Law‘  in 1850 which gives his view on the legitimate purpose of government.  One point being that when government does not protect liberty and property it is contrary to the legitimate function of government.  Part of his influence in writing The Law was from Locke and in turn Bastiat influenced Hazlitt’s ‘Economics in one Lesson‘.  Bastiat’s study in Opportunity Cost in the Fallacy of the Broken Window is another popular work from Bastiat’s short time as an economist/author.

One of my personal favorites is a short satire on protectionism.  Give it a listen:
or if you prefer it in print.

Hoist your beverage of choice today in honor of Frederic Bastiat!  He would be 210 years old today and surely the free world was shorted by his death at only 49.