East Bay Liberty on the Rocks: Friday, June 26 at Berkeley

Okay, I just got a call from Jun Dam, who will be hosting the East Bay event this month. It seems that Walnut Creek will be a more central location for those of you that are in the East Bay. At least this is his hypothesis based on conversations with people at our events.

The June 26 event will now be held at Pyramid Alehouse in Walnut Creek, CA

1410 Locust Street

Walnut Creek, CA 94596
(925) 946-1520

Remember to bring a liberty-minded friend with you to the event! Look forward to catching up with y’all on the East Side. :)

There will be a SPECIAL GIVEAWAY to those of you that make it to this event. It’s a secret, so you’ll have to come to find out what it is.

Please post in comments if you’ll be driving there, need a ride, where you’ll be coming from, etc.

On Facebook we already have a request for a ride from the South Bay.