Are the Protests in Wisconsin Only the Beginning?

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With the recent protests in Wisconsin that are now headed toward Indiana, Ohio and possibly New Jersey, we must consider as a nation exactly which direction we plan to go. If we are going to cut the budget and reduce our nation’s $14 trillion debt (which we have no choice but to do) some people will have to suffer. In the end we will all pay a price of some sort, whether it’s in increased taxes or a loss of work due to business failures across the nation. The number of unintended consequences we will see if we don’t deal with our debt are immeasurable, and will no doubt severely damage our economy.

So what happens next? The budget cuts in this budget reduction bill will hardly save the state of Wisconsin from economic ruin. It will only save the state $30 million on this year’s budget, when they need to save over $100 million more on top of that. Will it be in Medicare or other services to the elderly? Infrastructure? Do we trust that anger will subside when people realize money is about to be taken from them to balance the budget? If not, how will we handle it? Because the way the trend is going around the world, it seems that it will only get worse.