What’s up with Canada & North Dakota?

Has the umbilical cord been cut?

Is government inaction the answer to our economic malaise?

Please join us as we celebrate Liberty and fellowship with other liberty lovers on September 13th, 5:30pm to 7:30pm at The Dublin House (1850 Dominion Way, Colorado Springs) enjoying Tavern Style Politics and Activism in the Tradition of our Founding Fathers.

The evening’s entertainment will include the infamous 30 second soapbox, trivia and awesome happy hour deals. Plus our new feature: This week in our Political World! (Pure Satire).

The night’s topic : The economic recovery of our northern neighbor, Canada  as well as North Dakota.   How can this be?  Bob Adelmann will share his eye opening research on this topic in our LOTR tavern style format. So come on out tonight and enjoy the discussion. You won’t be disappointed.

Some Upcoming …LOTR Events:

September 27th, 5:30pm: @Dublin House, Nanny Conservatives? Guest Speaker Sean Paige

October 11th, 5:30pm @ Dublin House, Clem Borkowski presents:The Battle for the Soul of the Republican Party

October 25th: 6 pm: @ D’Vine Wines, Education  Colorado Style Guest Speaker: Ben DeGrow

Save the Date:  November 10th, 6:30pm
“What if there was no Bill of Rights?”

For more info, contact: David Kelly: 719.237.4598


Colorado Springs LOTR events / discussions can cover subjects on just about every liberty-oriented topic there is.  We encourage participation  and the sharing of ideas . So come on out to happy hour, enjoy a beer and join us. The purpose is to get us talking to each other about our viewpoints on different topics, so we may become better aware of what we believe and why, and what we have no opinion on (yet!). There is no doubt about it – this will be the most fun you’ve ever had while learning at the same time!

Liberty on the Rocks is THE place to meet others interested in free market and/or liberty-oriented principles. It is also the happy hour for you if you’re interested in getting better informed or involved in the liberty movement.

Colorado Springs LOTR  is proud to promote free market and/or liberty-based institutions and groups, both local and across the country. When attending a Liberty on the Rocks happy hour, be sure to grab information near the door to learn about think tanks and groups in your area.

Disclaimer: Speakers/Guests/Articles do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Colorado Springs Liberty On The Rocks, and Colorado Springs LOTR does not endorse or support any candidate in any election.

Free Market Medicine Talk and Social

Think Obamacare is the wrong solution? Think it is the right solution? Come learn about what can happen when doctors and patients get together in the marketplace.

Our guest speaker is Ralph Weber, he has contributed health reform policy for politicians including Rudy Giuliani and Mike Villines. He has personal experience with the Canadian Healthcare system and some great ideas.

Learn more about Mr. Weber here.

When: Thursday, June 9
Where: Logan’s Roadhouse | 1007 Village Green Crossing in Gallatin
What: Happy Hour, Great Discussion & Fabulous Food & Drinks!

Canadians Love Freedom Too!

Who’d of guessed?  There are liberty-lovers in Canada too!  Join us for a meeting of the minds so we can network, make new friends and share ideas.  After all, who better to learn from than each other?

Hope to see you there!


Vancouver Alpen Club
4875 Victoria Drive
Vancouver, BC

Vancouver Liberty on the Rocks

Join your fellow Canadians who believe in freedom and would like to see it spread throughout their nation.  Drinks, food, conversation and perhaps some plans on how to win the battle for liberty!

Vancouver Alpen Club
4875 Victoria Drive
Vancouver, BC

Vancouver Liberty on the Rocks

Join us to discuss ways we can further freedom in Canada!

Note from the President:

The last meeting to be held on the first and third Tuesday of every month. Starting on the 17th and then on, due to my shift change at work, I’d like to move meetings to Monday nights. I will be working an afternoon shift as of August 2nd, and won’t be able to ever make it to meetings if we keep it on Tuesdays.


Vancouver Alpen Club

4875 Victoria Drive

Vancouver, BC