Government cannot offer good service

With the looming government run health care bill that may be taking over the health care industry in the United States, we might as well just say screw the children….and the elderly, and the middle aged.

What I find so crazy about this entire situation, is the way people talk about the government coming in and saving us all by magically offering everyone health care.  Doesn’t anyone watch the news?  I personally do so as little as possible (they hardly talk about anything useful), but all it takes is to turn it on every once in a while.  All they can talk about is how bankrupt each of the states are.  How there isn’t enough money for this or that program.  Schools need more money, budgets are being cut, the federal government needs to send funds to desperate states that cannot pay the bills.  But somehow, just somehow, we are going to pass a trillion dollar health care bill that will cover everyone (remember, a trillion has 12 zeros)?  What??  Did everyone just forget about how we can’t even afford what is currently in our federal or state budgets?  Not to mention the fact that unemployment is up to 10%.  Which is really closer to 18-20% if you add in all the folks who stopped looking for a job or have settled on part-time employment for the time being.  So what is this bill doing that will affect this unemployment rate?  It’s forcing employers to pay for health insurance for all their workers (with some small exceptions).  Hmmm.  I could have sworn that would be anti-job growth as it takes money away from those we want to start hiring people.  But  I sure am not a politician, so how would I know?

It’s time that America admitted the truth, that this bill cannot work.  It is impossible.

If people really think the government (subsidized by taxpayers don’t forget) will be able to pay for everyone to have the best health insurance, they must not pay much attention to the services they offer currently.  They must not frequent the post office, or the DMV/DOT.  They must not have heard how horribly our public schools compare to those of other countries – which is not because they are underfunded.  It’s not because of bad teachers.  It’s because it’s a monopoly that doesn’t have to make a profit or prove to anyone that they are doing a good job (they just have to make you feel bad for “the children” and vote to give them more money).  You will see the same with government run health care.  They will find ways to cut back on costs by cutting back on care.  Just like they do with everything else.  They will also find ways to cut back by dictating how people live their lives.  Just as they do in Japan where they measure your waistline to see that you’re under the government ordained weight.

Just as the social conservatives must realize that the government cannot dictate morals, the left must be able to see that they cannot force people to be healthy either.  Freedom allows good behavior to be rewarded (eating healthy + exercise = lower insurance costs and little to no hospital bills) and bad behavior (unhealthy eating + no exercise = high health care costs and a large number of hospital bills) to be discouraged.  When we give everyone the same price tag on health insurance (unless you’re wealthy, then you pay much more), what is the benefit of being healthy?  It’s nice to not get fined, but most people are ok to get monetary fines every once in a while if it means living as they choose.