Field Coordinator for AFP


The Field Coordinator will work to build grassroots activities through phone banking, door to
door canvassing and social media networking while reporting to the National Field Director.
Through grassroots event trainings, the field coordinator will organize, recruit, and engage
volunteers to become active within their local community. The ideal candidate will have a
background in grassroots advocacy with a strong interest and understanding of social media


• Build grassroots relations for the organization and state chapter with political, business,
media and community leaders, as planned by the State Director and National Field

• Mobilize and educate grassroots activists on issues within the organization’s mission

• Utilize activists to become involved in AFP volunteer phone banking, ,door to door
canvassing, and social media networking on state-based policy initiatives

• Represent the organization by attending and speaking at local grassroots events for
recruitment and education purposes

• Organize and plan state and local educational rallies and other grassroots events,
including the phone bank setup process


• Experience with grassroots operations and/or event planning preferable

• Outstanding communication skills, both written and oral

• Strong attention to detail and excellent problem solving skills

• Ability to work independently, as well as collaboratively with state and national staff, in a
fast-paced, deadline-driven, environment

• Integrity, humility, and an entrepreneurial attitude

• A positive attitude and an earnest interest in providing good customer service to our
members, partners and all state chapters

• A firm commitment to advancing every individual’s right to economic freedom and
opportunity through free markets


Americans for Prosperity Foundation (AFP Foundation) is a 501(c)(3) organization of citizen
leaders committed to educating consumers, business owners, and the general public about the
value and operation of an open and market-oriented economy that is free of government
interference.  Americans for Prosperity (AFP) is a 501(c)(4) grassroots organization committed
to educating and mobilizing citizen leaders interested in understanding and helping solve
America’s most pressing policy problems while championing the principles of entrepreneurship
and fiscal and regulatory restraint.


Please submit a cover letter, resume and salary history/requirements to:  Heather de la Riva at with the position title in the subject line.  AFPF is an equal opportunity employer.
No phone calls please.

Counter SEIU Rally to be held at the State Capitol!

The Northern Colorado Tea Party is organizing a counter protest against the upcoming “Union Solidarity Action Rallies” taking place across the country, including at our State Capitol in Denver.

The counter rally will meet:

“… on the sidewalk on the west side of the Capitol – where we will express our First Amendment rights and cannot be asked to leave.”

The rally is to take place from 12:00-1:30.

They ask attendees to, “Bring your signs, your flags, your friends – or just bring your body down on your lunch break.”

RSVP or get more information on the Tea Party Counter-Rally here.

Liberty on the Rocks supports the philosophy that governments should not spend more than then they bring in through taxes; and should not take from taxpayers more than is necessary. We encourage you to attend this rally as a way to educate and inform others – to discuss the fact that we have an unsustainable debt problem that must be addressed immediately. There is no doubt this will be painful, but we must all be willing to give up certain government “hand-outs”, starting with those not permitted by the US Constitution.

Disclaimer: Liberty on the Rocks is a 501(c)(3) non-partisan organization and does not endorse specific legislation and/or candidates. We support liberty, which includes being free from debt that is racked up by others in our name.

Do Voters Make Rational Decisions at the Ballot Box?

Or is that a myth? If so, what are the consequences? What does that mean for our liberties?

This Wednesday, we will be joined by Justin Longo of the Independence Institute, who will briefly discuss the topic: Myths of the Rational Voter. The purpose of this discussion will be for us to begin contemplating new ways to make an impact, including steps we can take to become activists for liberty on a daily basis.

RSVP here

When: Wednesday, January 5
Where: Choppers Sports Grill | 80 S. Madison Street (corner of Madison and Bayaud)
When: 7-9PM

Not only is Liberty on the Rocks a place to meet others who believe in the founding principles of our nation, it is also the starting point for getting involved, active and better informed.

We hope you will join us this Wednesday as we toast to the New Year and begin making plans for the future of freedom.

In Liberty,

Amanda J. Teresi

Interested in Enhancing Your Ability to Communicate Free Market Ideas?

Join us for a special pre-meeting this Wednesday from 6-7PM in the back room of Choppers Sports Grill. We will be hosting a political mock debate that anyone is welcome to participate in. If would like more information, or are interested in participating, please follow this link.

A Political Mock Debate: Where Anyone is Welcome to Participate!

Are you a defender of freedom wishing to enhance your communication skills when it comes to promoting America’s founding principles?

Well there is no better way than to practice! So why not do it with friends before you attempt to make your case to others?

Liberty on the Rocks Denver will be hosting a political mock debate this Wednesday (tomorrow) to help our members and guests become better advocates for freedom by sharpening their communication skills. The “debate” will be friendly in nature, and will be made up of two teams and two to three judges. There will be 3-5 topics discussed (see below) and the goal will be to get members of both teams to consider how they would respond to these principles, as well as how the other side would.

Anyone is welcome to join us for this special pre-meeting from 6-7PM in the back room of Choppers Sports Grill. Whether you’d like to participate as a debater, a judge or a member of the audience – we hope you will attend!

If you would like to participate, please sign up here.

Local Colorado Activists Question Democratic Candidates on Tax Issues

While attending a campaign event for Democratic Gubernatorial candidate John Hickenlooper along with a few local activists, I became curious about whether the current Mayor was planning to lower our taxes if he was elected to be Colorado’s governor.  After spending about 10 minutes talking about the importance of the economy and helping families who are struggling financially, I thought it was a fair question to ask. So what was the Mayor’s response? To say that we are “…about as low as we can go with taxes.”

Check out the story and watch a video of the Mayor’s response on the new up and coming site Who Said, You Said.

After hearing the Mayor’s response, I perused the local Colorado Spending Transparency site, a project of the Independence Institute, where I (quickly) found a story exposing the fact that over $9 million of the Colorado State budget was spent on a combination of bankcard fees, interest on late payments and a host of other miscellaneous fees and fines. It doesn’t stop there either. Another story shows us that since the beginning of July of this year, $764,024.72 has been spent on advertising for the state. Gee, I wonder what it is they are advertising? Maybe it’s how well they are spending our money? Perhaps Hickenlooper should put an additional clause on his statement reading “…so long as we continue down the path of wasting a good portion of the money that is already coming in…”

The Good American Post

Thanks to our new friends at The Good American Post for linking to us this morning and promoting our cause for liberty! I was able to meet their Chief Executive Officer and Publisher Tisha Casida and Operations Manager Steve Thompson at Liberty On The Rocks Red Rocks this past Monday, where we hosted featured guest Pete Coors.

The mission of The Good American Post is to promote freedom as well as to help support small business by providing the tools necessary for interested parties to establish their own local news source, while simultaneously creating a profit. The publication, which is available both online and in print, provides communities access to local and national news, with a focus on promoting non-biased information on governance, the economy and sustainability. Anyone interested in working with the Good American Post to publish their own local newspaper can find their contact information here. Tisha from the GAP will be joining the Liberty Bus for their 2 week tour across the United States, which will end in Washington D.C. in time for the big 9/12 Rally on the steps of the capitol.

It is so rare to see the liberty viewpoint addressed in the mainstream media, so it is up to us to establish our own. A great quote by Mahatma Gandhi encourages us to, “Be the change [we] want to see in the world”. We cannot emulate the believers of big government who simply wait for them to get it right. If the media won’t cover our stories and viewpoints on freedom, we must cover them ourselves.  This is why I very much support what this group is doing.

That being said, just because an individual decides to start one of these publications (or any other for that matter) under the banner of “freedom” or “liberty” does not mean all aspects of it will be perfect. With different individuals come different perspectives. It’s amazing how many different opinions I have heard from people in the “liberty movement” on the same topic. We simply cannot assume everyone in the business of writing or blogging for “freedom” is going to be correct on every issue. And yes, I do believe aside from personal opinions (i.e. I like chocolate better than vanilla) that fact is fact and there is no gray area. There are, for example, aspects of The Good American Post that I would take issue with, namely their focus on sustainable food systems and keeping dollars local. I personally believe that we need to trade, trade, trade! with all of the world, rather than focus on keeping our dollars within our communities (that gives us a much larger population to trade with!). However, as I briefly read through their website I was given the impression that they would also be open to discussing this issue and others through the lens of opposing viewpoints. I do hope that is the case, as I believe discussion is vital to our success. I myself do not profess to know everything, and according to her bio, neither does Tisha of the GAP. That is the first step to even getting to the point of having a dialogue!

For me, almost nothing is more important than education and information gathering, especially for those who write on the topic of freedom or plan to discuss its merits with anyone, let alone the news media. If we seek to enlighten others with the philosophy of liberty (a very worthy endeavor), we must first begin with fully enlightening ourselves.

LOTR Activists Confront Senator Michael Bennett

Where Does Sen. Bennett Stand on Card Check?

Activist members of Liberty on the Rocks took a drive to Boulder to find out where Senator Michael Bennett of Colorado stands on the issue of “card check”. Neither Bennett nor his campaign staff was able to answer whether or not he would support private elections when organizing unions in the workplace.

Denver LOTR – Activism Night!

Join your fellow liberty-lovers for a fun night at Liberty on the Rocks Denver! This is the place to meet others in the community who desire liberty and freedom, and those who are fighting for it as well. Find out how to get involved, who to get involved with and what to do to help end tyranny in America.

This Wednesday we are delighted to highlight two important groups that are working to spread freedom in Colorado. We hope you will join us to meet the activists involved and find out how you can join in to make a difference!

Here is who will be joining us this coming week:

**The Independence Institute**

Mike Krause, Director of Operations and Center Director of the Justice Policy Center for the Institute, will present information on Jon Caldara’s health care petition to keep Obamacare out of our state. He will discuss the petition, including what the consequences will be if it passes/fails to make the ballot and/or ultimately becomes law.

If you want to ensure that Coloradans, including you and your family, still have a choice about your health care, you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity!

After Mike speaks about the petitions we can work together as a group to find a way to get more signatures and be a part of the solution for health care choice in Colorado!

Go here to read more about the initiative:
**Front Range Objectivists**

Ari Armstrong, activist and author, will be briefly presenting The Front Range Objectivists. He will discuss what the group is all about, why the group is important and how you can get involved with it! FRO provides individuals multiple fun and interesting opportunities for learning about Ayn Rand’s philosophy of Objectivism, which is deeply rooted in the principles of freedom. Becoming educated with this important philosophy will not only allow you to better understand what is happening around you, but give you the tools to explain it to others as well!


The Uptown Tavern
17th & Pearl
Denver, CO

Denver Tech Center Gathers for Liberty

The Liberty on the Rocks is for folks in South Metro Denver. LotR – DTC will meet on the second and fourth Wednesdays at 630 pm at The Tavern, DTC across from Illegal Pete’s. We’ll be in the enclosed heated patio on the ground floor. However, we are looking for a new location and could use your feedback!

Come meet some Liberty minded folks of all political ideologies.

We are a non-partisan group.

Disclaimer: Speakers and/or guests do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Liberty On The Rocks.

We welcome all representatives of free market organizations or groups as well as candidates to come and speak for a few moments during our “30-second soapbox”.


The Tavern DTC
5336 DTC Boulevard
Greenwood Village, CO