Now Available — “It’s the Congress, Stupid!”

If you are under the age of 46, or if you care about the future of anyone under the age of 46, it’s “hair on fire” alarm time.

Curtis L. Harris’ new book, It’s the Congress, Stupid!, is an admirable comprehensive, yet succinct overview of the real state of the nation, and the reality is, “YOU ARE GETTING SCREWED!”

The course our government leadership has set is demonstrated as being financially ruinous (assuming one believes $2,000,000 in government obligations for a family of four by the year 2019 qualifies as “ruinous”).  How and why we got here is the excellence in this quick read, the most important takeaway being: the constitutional notion of minimal governance by citizen-statesmen has devolved into a virtual aristocracy, devoted primarily to self-perpetuating its self-interests, i.e. “IT’S THE CONGRESS, STUPID!”

There are 545 people (President, 9 Supreme Court Justices, 535 in the senate and house) eager to propel you forward toward financial serfdom, to keep you lulled into complacency by entitlements and easy consumerism, the modern day equivalents to the Romans’ bread and circuses populism.

Harris’ answer is Libertarianism, and the latter part of his book is that platform and plan.  Whether or not you agree with his banner and call to arms, arm yourself with self-education and a clear understanding of your individual principles compass.  What’s at stake is nothing less than your rights to economic and personal liberty, and your right to pursue your unique call to happiness.

Harris’ book is available at for $8.95 plus S&H.

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Financial Insanity…

Below is one disturbing graph…it shows total federal debt per household, including “off-budget” liabilities, little items such as medicare and social security…

us-household-share-of-debt(link here for the full USA Today article)

As the USA Today article notes, the monstrous number for Social Security, Medicare and pensions, are a projection of the “gap” between what’s currently collected for the programs and what’s needed to fund future liabilities.  The “official” US debt is $11,374,265,930,605.76 as of June 3, 2009, or about $38,000 per person.

…and, are our civil servants in Washington working feverishly to bring sanity to the situation?   To the contrary, the numbers indicate Congress and the Obama administration are apparently of the “spend like a drunken sailor” school of economics.  The federal government projects it will spend another $3.9 trillion this fiscal year, and will be borrowing $2.5 trillion, to make ends meet (from the US Treasury Monthly Treasury Statement for April 2009)

Our debt is approaching 100% of GDP (the total US estimated GDP for 2008 was about $14 trillion) and our leadership’s intentions are to continue to increase social spending, develop a new layer of government intervention and cost with “cap and trade” nonsense, and fund Wall Street/Big Bank losses.  For them, the “solutions” include:

– “soak the rich” for more taxes (even though the top 10% already pay over 70% of income tax collections, bottom 50% represented less than 3% of tax collections, per

– Value-added taxes.  Yes the VAT is being explored, which will add to the cost of virtually everything, as reported by the Washington Post.

How have we gotten here?  Let’s consider what we’ve done — 76% of our representatives and 84% of our senators are lawyers and politicians/public service employees, (plus one “community activist” President).  On average, we leave them in place for over a decade!  (11 years for representatives, 12.9 years for senators, from Profile of 111th Congress.)

“Out of touch” is perhaps too kind a term — our representation needs a dramatic overhaul, and we need to wake up to the fact that pretty speech makers appparently don’t know “poop” about fiscal sanity!

…off the topic, if you have 4 minutes you’ll enjoy this video created by an Alabama teen for his Mom’s Tea Party. It sends a powerful message, about the real power of the “silent majority.”

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