Happy Hour @ Choppers Sports Grill!

Join fellow liberty lovers for happy hour  and political conversation Wednesday, February 2nd at Choppers Sports Grill!

This is the place to network, converse, learn and share and to meet new people in the liberty movement. What better way to stay connected than to share drinks in a warm bar over great conversation?! This is also the place to learn about local groups, causes and events in the Denver area.

Look for us in the dining room – we will have a sign posted and literature strewn about!

Also – if you are looking to polish up on your communication skills and love a good natured debate with friends, then join us from 6-7PM for our second Political Mock Debate!  This fun exercise is open to anyone and we are looking for volunteers. We need participants on the pro and anti-liberty side (we need you to *pretend* to be anti-liberty of course!), 1-3 judges and members of the audience. Our first debate was a great success! We had a ton of fun and discussed some new ideas for promoting our viewpoints. For our next debate the topic will be: What Role should the Government Play when it comes to Fixing the Economy?

To participate in next weeks mock debate (not a real debate, mind you), please sign up here.

Do Voters Make Rational Decisions at the Ballot Box?

Or is that a myth? If so, what are the consequences? What does that mean for our liberties?

This Wednesday, we will be joined by Justin Longo of the Independence Institute, who will briefly discuss the topic: Myths of the Rational Voter. The purpose of this discussion will be for us to begin contemplating new ways to make an impact, including steps we can take to become activists for liberty on a daily basis.

RSVP here

When: Wednesday, January 5
Where: Choppers Sports Grill | 80 S. Madison Street (corner of Madison and Bayaud)
When: 7-9PM

Not only is Liberty on the Rocks a place to meet others who believe in the founding principles of our nation, it is also the starting point for getting involved, active and better informed.

We hope you will join us this Wednesday as we toast to the New Year and begin making plans for the future of freedom.

In Liberty,

Amanda J. Teresi

Interested in Enhancing Your Ability to Communicate Free Market Ideas?

Join us for a special pre-meeting this Wednesday from 6-7PM in the back room of Choppers Sports Grill. We will be hosting a political mock debate that anyone is welcome to participate in. If would like more information, or are interested in participating, please follow this link.

A Political Mock Debate: Where Anyone is Welcome to Participate!

Are you a defender of freedom wishing to enhance your communication skills when it comes to promoting America’s founding principles?

Well there is no better way than to practice! So why not do it with friends before you attempt to make your case to others?

Liberty on the Rocks Denver will be hosting a political mock debate this Wednesday (tomorrow) to help our members and guests become better advocates for freedom by sharpening their communication skills. The “debate” will be friendly in nature, and will be made up of two teams and two to three judges. There will be 3-5 topics discussed (see below) and the goal will be to get members of both teams to consider how they would respond to these principles, as well as how the other side would.

Anyone is welcome to join us for this special pre-meeting from 6-7PM in the back room of Choppers Sports Grill. Whether you’d like to participate as a debater, a judge or a member of the audience – we hope you will attend!

If you would like to participate, please sign up here.