How wonderful.

Quillen’s wonderful defense of wonderful public employees.

Denver Post columnist Ed Quillen defends public workers in his column today. The headline is “Who are the overpaid parasites?” Not public employees, according to Ed. In support of his proposition, he lists several wonderful anecdotes of public employees doing wonderful things.

But like the wonderful progressive he is, Ed never mentions how much his wonderful anecdotal public employees get paid. Not once. You see, cost matters not to compassionate, wonderful progressive people like Ed. Cost is irrelevant in his wonderful world of selfless wonderful public servants. They are wonderful. Worrying about such nasty capitalistic things as “cost” is so un-progressive. It is so non-compassionate. It is so un-wonderful.

And we all know, in Ed’s wonderful world, money does not make the world go ’round. Love does.

How wonderful.