If We Had Massive Economic Failure in the US, Would You Be Prepared?

You are invited to attend John Michael Chambers’ presentation,

“The True State of the Economy… Solutions For an Escalating Crisis”

Hosted by the Evergreen Tea Party & Liberty On The Rocks

When: Monday, June 13, 6:30-8:30 p.m. (pre-meeting “Beer Summit” @ 5 p.m.)
Where: Evergreen Country Day School | 1093 Swede Gulch Rd, Evergreen, CO
What: Discussing Solutions for an Escalating Economic Crisis

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We are not in an “economic recovery”. In fact we are trillions upon trillions of dollars in debt with increased unemployment approaching the great depression levels. The economies, global financial systems and currencies around the world are collapsing. The U.S. Dollar is on life support. Something must be done. Something can be done! Our personal freedom is tied to our economic freedom.

So says John Michael Chambers, Founder of the Save America Foundation, a not for profit 501(c)(4). He is the Executive Director of the Economic Advisory Council, the founder of JMC Productions and the Asset Preservation Institute. John is an entrepreneur, author, songwriter, public speaker; and producer and host for the radio program “Freedom…it’s up to U.S.”

In Washington DC, John attended meetings held by members of Congress on Social Security Reform, Tax Reform and Homeland Security. Acknowledging his business leadership, entrepreneurial spirit and contributions made to the growth of local and national economies, he was twice awarded the Businessman of the Year Award for the state of Colorado by the Presidential Business Advisory Council of Washington DC in 2004 & 2005.

Earlier this year, John organized and hosted the three day, Save America Convention in Tampa. Speakers at the event included Judge Andrew Napolitano, Author G Edward Griffin, (Creature From Jeckyl Island), Rep. Tom Tancredo, (CO.), Stewart Rhodes, (Oathkeepers), Frantz Kebreau, Gov. Gary Johnson, (NM), Sheriff Richard Mack (AZ), Brandon Smith, (Neithercorp Press & Alt-Market), and Joe Farah of World Net Daily, to name a few.

Arrive early The Evergreen Tea Party hosts a pre-meeting “Beer Summit”, or “High Tea” hour at the nearby Smugglers Tavern (29017 Hotel Way in Evergreen). Join us from 5-6 p.m. before the event for food, drinks and great conversation (No Host Bar)! Also, be sure to get to Evergreen Country Day School by 6:15 p.m.for cookies & bottled water, and to ensure you do not miss a second of the presentation!

Duration: 90 minutes with additional Q/A afterwards

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