My final address as State Chair to the LPCO

May 21, 2011
DoubleTree Hotel Denver – North
Westminster, CO
State Chair Final Address
Chair, David K. Williams, Jr.
The Libertarian Party of Colorado faces unprecedented opportunity to reach out to new members and spread the message of liberty. More and more Americans realize the failure of the two-party duopoly and are looking for an alternative. Unfortunately, given the nature of the two-party system and plurality voting, we face many of the same barriers to growth we have faced since the inception of the Libertarian Party.
Most Americans, including Coloradans, are hard-wired to think that the only possible electoral process includes two-major parties and plurality voting. It does not. Our voting system is neither in the Constitution nor was it handed down from God to Moses on the top of Mount Sinai. It can be changed by mere legislation. Thanks to the tireless efforts of Frank Atwood, I have been converted to the Church of Approval Voting. Likewise, the LPCO adopted support of Approval Voting at last year’s convention.
I firmly believe that no peaceful substantive political change is possible under our current electoral process. The Democrats and Republicans have traded power at the national level since the Civil War. Since that time, the federal government has done nothing but grow – while individual liberty has shrunk. Neither wing of the duopoly has any incentive to change the process.
I believe a number of Americans are starting to understand that a change in process is necessary before any change in substance can occur. It is our job to make that number grow. To that end, I have done my best to spread the message of limited government and individual liberty throughout the state – in addition to introducing the idea of alternative voting methods to those that did not realize such a thing even existed.
My philosophy is that if there is an invitation to speak, I will take it. I’ll talk before a group Republicans, Democrats, Communists, Hare Krishnas or the American Society of Optometrists. I refuse to turn down an opportunity to spread the message. During my term as State Chair, I have been a substitute radio host on multiple occasions in Greeley and in Denver. I have spoken at numerous Tea Party events – always emphasizing that real liberty means that the government stays out of all voluntary activities between consenting adults, including drugs and sex. I have been quoted in several publications. I have written hundreds of blog posts. I have been active at the state legislature and in state politics.
I always try to argue in favor of liberty, and not against the state. I always try to bring a positive message of freedom, and not an angry message of destruction. We spend too much time arguing with each other or patting ourselves on the back in a small group of the converted when we should be spending our time and energy proselytizing to those that do not yet understand that, indeed, freedom is the answer – regardless of the question.
I can only hope that I have been a decent messenger for liberty and the Libertarian Party of Colorado.
Thank you for the opportunity to serve.