Is the Economy Recovering?

The stimulus is supposed to save the economy from depression, right? Isn’t that why the Obama and Bush administrations spent trillions of our hard earned dollars? But has the economy been “stimulated” (sounds dirty, doesn’t it?), or has it simply been propped up, only to fall apart again as soon as the money runs out?

To consider this idea, let’s look at how the “stimulus” is actually created. The math is simple. The government takes from Joe to give to Sally. But of course, there are always administrative fees to take out of the process. So it looks like this: The government takes from Joe, keeps a little for themselves, and then gives to Sally. Vwalla! The economy has been stimulated! Or has it?

Gerald Celente, Founder and Director of the Trends Research Institute, has an interesting view of what will happen with the economy.  His main assertion? Current economic gains are not real and cannot last. This gentleman is worth checking out.

The important thing to consider when the government claims they are trying to protect you (as in the current Goldman Sachs Fraud case), is that no matter how much they believe they can – they can’t. The government cannot protect us from anything. And history shows, they not only create many of the problems we see today, they also make them far worse.