July 19th Meetup Features Gun Rights Hero!

Dave Kopel – Up On The Roof!

“Aiming for Liberty”

Yet another dandy! Once again, Red Rocks continues to bring you some of the hottest speakers, and our next speaker is no mere “smoking gun.”

Target protecting your gun rights with Dave Kopel, Research Director of the Independence Institute.   Fresh off his team’s victory in the latest Supreme Court gun rights rulings, Mr. Kopel is a nationally recognized expert on 2nd Amendment issues (his amicus brief was cited three times in the Supreme Court’s opinions in the McDonald vs. Chicago case) author, professor, policy analyst, editor, and so much more.   Among his numerous books and articles are the popular books Aiming for Liberty and The Heller Case: Gun Rights Affirmed. (If you own them, bring them along and grab an autograph — if you don’t own them, run down to your local bookstore and pick one up before our meet up.)

Mr. Kopel recently appeared on the must see TV show “Devil’s Advocate” hosted by Jon Caldara.   For more information about our special guest please click on the link below:

By the way, if politically incorrect ATF parties, PETA-friendly clay pigeons, and watching drunken conservatives is something you’re “aiming” for, than be sure to join our friends at the Independence Institute’s party of the year this upcoming Saturday, July 17th. Details and registration can be found at:

Event Details

July 19, 2010

Old Chicago’s rooftop patio (weather permitting, if not, meet in the upstairs bar)

145 Union Blvd.

Lakewood, CO

Happy hour from 5 – 7 p.m. (Speakers generally begin between 5:45 – 6:00)

FB group: Liberty On The Rocks (Red Rocks)

Disclaimer: Speakers/Guests/Articles do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Liberty On The Rocks (Red Rocks).