BBQ Celebration of Life and Liberty!

It’s summer and time for a barbeque! Boulder Liberty on the Rocks, Campaign for Liberty and Young American’s for Liberty will join forces for a joyful BBQ celebration of life and liberty (that’s a lot of liberty)!

Bring your own drink (booze allowed) and a couple of bucks for hotdogs/hamburgers. Bring a side if you can.
We will be holding this BBQ at Martin Park in Boulder. Map here:,-95.677068&sspn=33.29802,62.929687&ie=UTF8&t=h&cid=12158324820912439689&ll=40.002832,-105.246792&spn=0.031427,0.061455&z=14&iwloc=A&iwd=1

Bring your friends!

Check out the faceook page for more information.