Happy Hour, Special Guest & V-Day Cards for Capitalism!

Liberty on the Rocks is pleased to host special guest John Zuagg, author of Ethics 101: Why Not Be the Best We Can Be? on Wednesday, February 16th at Choppers Sports Grill! In addition, we will kick off the night with another informal mock debate from 6-7PM in the back room.

ALSO – in light of Valentine’s day on Monday, we will provide construction paper, markers, etc. for attendees to make homemade valentines day cards honoring capitalism, free markets and/or individual liberty. The winner will receive a $25 gift card to the Uptown Tavern, so bring your best game this Wednesday!

When: Wednesday February 16,  6-9PM
Where: Choppers Sports Grill | 80 S. Madison Street, Denver CO

Special Guest John Zuagg

Mr. Zuagg will be discussing his new and extremely unique book, which answers the question modern commentators refuse to answer: What path are we headed down that has people so apprehensive and what is the alternative?

According to Ethics 101:

Politicians on either side are out of touch and are leading us down a dead end path.  Are oppressive taxes, deficit spending and massive bureaucracy the legacy we want to leave our children and grand children?

The nation whose respect for freedom was the ideal of the modern world is now seeing that freedom eroded day by day.  But this tragedy does not have to be.  We can change course and reclaim what our founding fathers left us.  History will indeed record the choice we make. So why not be the best we could be?

Political Mock Debate

Topic: Should Obamacare be Repealed?

Open to All – Anyone is Welcome to Join Us!!

Are you a defender of freedom wishing to enhance your communication skills when it comes to promoting America’s founding principles?  Well there is no better way than to practice! So why not do it with friends before you attempt to make your case to others?

Whether you’d like to participate as a debater, a judge or a member of the audience – we hope you will attend!

If you would like to participate, please sign up here.