CO Springs Economics Training Wrap Up

On Saturday, March 31st, Liberty on the Rocks was pleased to host Jeff Proctor of the Charles Koch Institute who presented economics lessons for free market advocates in Colorado Springs.

On a most beautiful Saturday in the beginning of spring, we were pleased to have 25 liberty-lovers join us for a 5-hour economics session. It wasn’t quite the 60+ we had in Denver a month beforehand, but weather was definitely a culprit (being that it was too nice to stay indoors)!

Throughout this five hour session attendees participated in a number of educational activities and delved into some in-depth group discussion. Whether it was learning the ins and outs of price creation or gaining a better understanding for how the free market works, attendees not only strengthened their knowledge, they also enhanced the size of their network while enjoying themselves in the process!

In addition to debunking some of the arguments made in the Story of Broke (a project of the horribly inaccurate Story of Stuff), we also hosted a panel at the end of the session that allowed attendees to ask all the questions their hearts desired – and boy did they have questions! Participants on the panel included our facilitator Jeff Proctor, Dr. Paul Prentice of the Ludwig Von Mises Institute, Professor Joshua Dunn of UCCS, and Justin Longo of the Independence Institute. With this great line-up, it was no surprise that even after 45-minutes of Q & A participants stuck around for another hour and a half to mingle one-on-one with the days instructors and panelists. Overall, it was a great success! This was not only indicated by the lively discussions and enthusiasm for the activities, but from the positive and encouraging comments that followed.

We hope to follow this last session with another in the coming months. Possible location: Louisville, CO.
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Keynesian vs. Austrian Economics…

You’re invited to join us as we celebrate Liberty and fellowship with other liberty lovers on July 26th, 5:30pm to 7:30pm at The Dublin House (1850 Dominion Way, Colorado Springs) enjoying Tavern Style Politics and Activism in the Tradition of our Founding Fathers.

The evening’s entertainment will include the infamous 30 second soapbox, trivia and awesome happy hour deals.  The night’s topic : Keynesian vs Austrian Economics.

Dr. Paul Prentice will present the Keynesian Economic Theory while Justin Longo will present the Austrian Economic Theory.   After brief descriptions/presentations of the theories we will open up the floor to Q & A which promises to be a lively discussion in a tavern style manner.  So come on out and join in the discussion . You won’t be disappointed.

Dr. Paul Prentice earned a Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics at the University of Connecticut. Paul served under President Ronald Reagan, as Chief Macroeconomist at the U.S. Department of Agriculture.  Paul is active in the arena of economic liberty, serving on the Board of Directors of the Limited Government Forum in Colorado Springs, where he helps direct their “Economic and Civic Literacy Project” and continues to develop and present the condensed version of Free People, Free Markets. In 2008, Dr. Prentice was appointed to the position of Adjunct Faculty at the Ludwig von Mises Institute.

Justin Longo graduated twice from George Mason University. In 2004 with a BS in Management and again in 2007 with a BS in Economics. It was at George Mason where Justin fell in love with economics, particularly the Austrian school. Currently, he works full time for the Independence Institute as the web guy who writes a lot. Justin also co-owns and edits the news website, and continues to help out with Liberty on the Rocks, the social networking organization he helped co-found.

Colorado Springs LOTR events / discussions can cover subjects on just about every liberty-oriented topic there is.  We encourage participation  and the sharing of ideas . So come on out to happy hour, enjoy a beer and join us. The purpose is to get us talking to each other about our viewpoints on different topics, so we may become better aware of what we believe and why, and what we have no opinion on (yet!). There is no doubt about it – this will be the most fun you’ve ever had while learning at the same time!

Liberty on the Rocks is THE place to meet others interested in free market and/or liberty-oriented principles. It is also the happy hour for you if you’re interested in getting better informed or involved in the liberty movement.

Some Upcoming …LOTR Events:

August 9th, 5:30pm:  Israel… @ the Dublin House

August 23rd, 6pm: A Double Header… Nanny Conservatives?  Guest Speaker Sean Paige. And Oleg Atbashian author of Shakedown Socialism , founder of Plus aBirthday Celebration &  Wine Tasting—D’Vine Wines in Manitou

September 13th, 5:30pm @ Dublin House, Clem Borkowski presents:The Battle for the Soul of the Republican Party

For more info, contact: David Kelly: 719.237.4598


Colorado Springs LOTR  is proud to promote free market and/or liberty-based institutions and groups, both local and across the country. When attending a Liberty on the Rocks happy hour, be sure to grab information near the door to learn about think tanks and groups in your area.

Disclaimer: Speakers/Guests/Articles do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Colorado Springs Liberty On The Rocks, and Colorado Springs LOTR does not endorse or support any candidate in any election.

June 20th Meetup — Do Elections Matter?

Independence Institute’s Justin Longo – Up On The Roof!

“Why Elections Don’t Matter…but the Median Voter Does”

Are you “Fed” up with politics as usual?  Were you looking for inspiration from the CNN debate?  Stuck inside a party box?  Then it’s time to challenge the status quo of stinkin’ thinkin’ with our generation Y guest, Justin Longo, as he pursues his mission to convert the masses to new thought paradigms one-by-one.

Mr. Longo is the co-owner of Complete Colorado, co-founder of Liberty on the Rocks, part of the team at Independence Institute, and simply an Austrian economics geek.  He is sure to challenge our preconceptions about government and offend the statists, so brace yourself.

If you read Hayek, Caplan, Bastiat and the like, you will probably enjoy a lively conversation with the likes of my paisan, Justin Longo.  For more information about Mr. Longo, please visit:

Upcoming Events

June 17
War on Drugs Debate
Details at

July 4
Holiday Observed (Happy 4th!) Red Rocks will not have a meetup on this date

Additional  Red Rocks Recommendations for June/July
Details at

Justin Longo Event Details

June 20, 2011
Old Chicago’s rooftop
145 Union Blvd.
Lakewood, CO

Happy hour from 5 – 7 p.m. (Speakers generally begin between 5:45 – 6:00)

FB group: Liberty On The Rocks (Red Rocks)

Disclaimer: Speakers/Guests/Articles do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Liberty On The Rocks (Red Rocks).

Happy Hour – with a dash of political debate and discourse

Join Fellow Liberty Lovers for Happy Hour & Political Discourse at Liberty on the Rocks Denver!

Grab a drink, make some new friends and share your ideas for the future of liberty! See event details below:

When: Wednesday, January 19 (6-7PM & 7-9PM)
Where: Choppers Sports Grill (look for us in the dining room!)
What: Happy Hour along with a political mock debate and discussion

*Happy Hour 7-9PM

Special Guest: Justin Longo

We will be joined by Justin Longo of the Independence Institute (rescheduled from last week). Mr. Longo will briefly discuss the topic: Myths of the Rational Voter, providing us an opportunity to begin contemplating new ways to make an impact, including steps we can take to become activists for liberty on a daily basis.

*Pre-Meeting “Debate” 6-7PM

Political Mock Debate (Open to All!) Rescheduled!

Are you a defender of freedom wishing to enhance your communication skills when it comes to promoting America’s founding principles?

Well there is no better way than to practice! So why not do it with friends before you attempt to make your case to others?

Liberty on the Rocks Denver has rescheduled their first political mock debate for next Wednesday (Jan. 19) to help our members and guests become better advocates for freedom by sharpening their communication skills. The “debate” will be friendly in nature, and will be made up of two teams and two to three judges. Our topic will be whether or not the government should stimulate the economy. The goal is to get members of both teams to consider how they would respond to these principles, as well as how the other side would.

Anyone is welcome to join us for this special pre-meeting from 6-7PM in the back room of Choppers Sports Grill. Whether you’d like to participate as a debater, a judge or a member of the audience – we hope you will attend!

If you would like to participate, please sign up here!