8/1 Meetup Will Be Streamed Live!

Visiting from inside the (DC) beltway, William Owens, publisher of Tea Party Review Magazine, is planning to visit with us to LIVE STREAM metro-Denver’s hottest politico rooftop gathering tomorrow.  Mr. Owens streamed the Western Conservative Summit this weekend, and also introduced today’s straw poll winner, presidential candidate Herman Cain.

We expect a great “Liberty” crowd for what should be a lively discussion about a) education, with Jeffco BOE director Laura Boggs (how timely, the Lobato case starts tomorrow!) and 2) Obamacare with Dr. Jill Q. Vecchio of Docs 4 Patient Care – wear your LOTR t-shirts and lapel pins for this special meetup; maybe our legislators will be tuning in to get the pulse from the grassroots, and begin to feel the heat from the Mile High City!

Join us as we put our country on alert, that among our goals are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happy hour :)

Aug 1st Meetup — A Prescription for Obamacare

Dr. Jill Q. Vecchio – Up On The Roof!

Liberty On The Rocks (Red Rocks) Happy Hour — August 1, 2011

August belongs to our fascinating lady leaders. We’re kicking the month off with a happy hour “two-for” – Laura Boggs, Jeffco school board director, for a quick education update, followed by Dr. Jill Vecchio, a national director with Docs 4 Patient Care (yes, they actually have read the bill and know what is in it). Time to get fired up again and shake off the summer heat doldrums.

Director Boggs is our initial “education mini-series” guest, leading up to the 2011 school board elections. She and other pro-student, pro-reform, pro-performance minded individuals will brief us periodically on education issues (a sector which consumes almost 50% of the state budget, plus additional direct property tax levies).

Our featured guest is Dr. Jill Q. Vecchio, the National Director for State Chapter Development with Docs 4 Patient Care. Dr. Vecchio is a practicing diagnostic radiologist, and is a prominent speaker on the impacts of Obamacare (we’ll pick her brains about “Amycare,” too). Docs 4 Patient Care is an organization of concerned physicians committed to the establishment of a health care system that preserves the sanctity of the doctor-patient relationship, promotes quality of care, supports affordable access to all Americans, and protects patients’ freedom of choice. (My wish is that the good doctor could make a “House” call and give the President an Rx for what seems to be a general healthcare malaise coming out of D.C. – just saying…)

If you have some time prior to the meeting, I would suggest you review this great powerpoint presentation that I found by Dr. Vecchio at, for a primer.

Also, if you missed Independence Institute’s Dr. Paul Prentice’s presentations on the Fed, and on the Moral Basis of Capitalism, you can download them here at the “More Resources” tab, above.

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*I would highly recommend this event to all since it exceeded my expectations last year but especially to those 25 an under due to the content and great price incentive

August 15, 2011
Liberty on the Rocks (Red Rocks) Happy Hour
Jessica Peck Cory

August 29, 2011 Bonus Monday!!!
Liberty on the Rocks (Red Rocks) Happy Hour

Dr. Jill Q. Vecchio Event Details

August 1, 2011
Old Chicago’s rooftop
145 Union Blvd.
Lakewood, CO
Happy hour from 5 – 7 p.m. (Speakers generally begin between 5:45 – 6:00)
FB group: Liberty On The Rocks (Red Rocks)

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