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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tolerance and Fairness

Today is going to be a day when some of you readers may not like what I have to say or feel it is too personal or even angry, and you would be right. I am tired of every attempt by one side to be heard or enjoy their (for the time being at least) American freedoms.For 8 years I heard nothing but some of the most vehement Anti-Bush rhetoric as well as some very disturbing instances of people calling for assassination or worse, with nothing being done to reign it in or condemn it. And regardless of how I may or may not have thought about it, it was their American right that I support (as long as they didn’t act on them) and I disagreed with those on the right who tried to silence them. However, now that the left has the power, any attempt by the right side of the aisle to criticize Darth Barack or his policies is met with ridicule (e.g. calling the Tea Party attenders the juvenile titled “Tea Baggers“).

Also during the entire Bush Presidency, we were told endlessly by the left that their dissension was the greatest form of Patriotism, but now that they are in power when the right dissents (be it tea parties, or townhall meetings) it is disruptive and damaging to the process of dialogue and debate. Hypocrisy thy name is The Left.

At recent town halls by Congressman returning home to their districts, they are being met with lots of anger and dissatisfied constituents. But instead of listening to these voices as they should be doing, they are condemning them as “thug” tactics, and/or as damaging to the debate. They accuse those who want them to answer for their actions (such as passing 1000 plus page bills without reading them) as being dishonest in their motives and being bussed in and taught how to disrupt and where to stand to appear as being a bigger group than they really are. I would like to know where this same concern was when ACORN was actually busing people in and teaching them how to protest AIG?? Why was that ok and genuine dissent, but the town halls aren’t?

We hear endlessly how the left is the side of fairness, tolerance, and open mindedness. However, their actions show them to be anything but those things. For a closer example, I attend a bi-weekly event called Liberty on the Rocks at a local (to me) Old Chicago. This group is very well behaved, respectful, and lawful. We have a few short speakers but mostly it is a time to network and meet friends and enjoy getting together with a group of similarly minded people. However, just last night we had to monitored by a member from the Old Chicago’s corporate office (and I would like to mention that none of us knew he was there for that reason until after our meeting was over) because they had received complaints that our group was disruptive, loud, and disturbing. The Corporate official told us afterwards that he saw nothing the complaint mentioned. The real reason the complaint was made was because the complainer was upset with our political ideology, they did not like what we were saying. Another example of the left trying to shut up anyone who doesn’t agree with them.. that sound like a tolerant, fair, and open minded group to you??

So, if you disagree with what your government and “elected” representatives are doing don’t be silenced or intimidated. Whatever side you fall on it is your American , God given (whether you believe in God or not) right to take a stand and speak your mind…don’t let ANYONE stop you or shut you up.. right or left.