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The flawed, short old man isn’t the answer. But his message is.

Ron Paul’s success in the Republican nomination process has very little to do with Ron Paul the candidate. It has everything to do with ideas. It has everything to do with a mission. After wandering in the big government political wilderness for over a century, Paul is leading us to the land of freedom promised in the Constitution. He probably won’t make it there himself, but like Moses, he’ll show it to us across the river. (OK, the Moses comparison is a bit much. I got carried away. Sue me.)

Paul would never be picked by central casting for the role of political leader. He’s old. He’s short. He’s far from  charismatic. He’s far from perfect.

But those imperfections are of the man, not of the ideas. People are starting to realize that government, indeed, is not the answer. Free markets and voluntary action is the answer. Less government is a start. Unfortunately, neither half of the two-party duopoly has ever – ever! – made the federal government smaller.

Voting for the same-ol’ same-ol’ results in ….. more of the same. At the very least, Ron Paul is not more of the  same. A libertarian philosophy may never win over a majority of voters. That makes it no less correct. But without someone spreading the message – even a flawed, short old man – we know for certain the philosophy will never win over a majority of voters.

And what if those that understand and believe in a constitutionally limited government actually vote for it? They might actually get it.

You want to throw away a vote? Keep voting like you have, America.

I have another crazy libertarian idea…

Shari Roan of the Los Angeles Times reports that

[t]he cancer drug Avastin should not be used to treat breast cancer that has spread to other organs because it doesn’t help patients enough to justify its risky side effects, the Food and Drug Administration ruled Friday.

It must be comforting to some to know that super-smart Ph.D.’s in a DC office somewhere have made this choice for every American in the entire country who might be faced with a personal decision to use Avastin or not.

But I have another crazy, libertarian idea: Let each individual facing such a decision personally weigh the pros and cons of the drug, in consultation with their doctor, family and confidants, and make their own decision.

Crazy talk, I know.

… and libertarians are too dogmatic to be elected?

According to press reports,

Rick Santorum on Friday proposed amending the Constitution to ban gay marriage … as part of a broad appeal to social conservatives in his race for the GOP presidential nomination.

Of course, a side effect of this strategy would be to make himself completely unelectable in a general election against Barack Obama.

This is another example of how some Republicans amuse me. They can berate libertarians for being so dogmatic and inflexible as to be unelectable, then praise someone like Santorum for doing exactly the same thing. Apparently such impractical dogmatism is acceptable when it comes to homosexuals, but not free markets.

‘Tis a pity.

Join Nick Gillespie from Reason @ LOTR Happy Hour in Charleston!

It’s exciting to announce that LOTR will have Nick Gillespie and Matt Welch joining us from Reason magazine for our next happy hour. Check out their new book titled The Declaration of Independents: How Libertarian Politics Can Fix What’s Wrong with America. To find out more about both of them, visit their Declaration of Independents blog.

Where: Chucktown Tavern | 159 Market Street in Charleston, S.C.

We are very lucky to have Nick and Matt joining us. Tell your friends and come to Chucktown Tavern for some drinks and great discussion. This is a chance to discuss with knowledgeable individuals, and it is a great learning experience for all.

Expect some beer specials for this event. We look forward to seeing all of you!

RSVP on Facebook


Before the event at Chucktown Tavern, Nick and Matt will be in the Beatty Center at the College of Charleston giving a talk in Wachovia Auditorium. That will start at 6 PM and LOTR will be immediately following.

Vancouver Liberty on the Rocks

Join your fellow freedom lovers for a fun night of socializing, networking and great conversation!
The Liberty on the Rocks Vancouver chapter meets this Sunday, April 18th from 7-10 pm.


Vancouver Alpen Club
4875 Victoria Drive
Vancouver, BC

1/18 Happy Hour Meet Up

“I Have (had) a Dream”

Special guest, Doug Anderson (L) — Up On The Roof (upstairs indoor HEATED bar!!!)

5:00 pm, Old Chicago, 145 Union Blvd., Lakewood, CO

It’s Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, and our special guest, Libertarian Doug Anderson, a very popular and recent (now former) Lakewood City Council member, will be joining us to discuss a “rainbow” spectrum of everything from local level politics to our struggles to protect our freedoms to Libertarian agendas.

Personally, I find his common sense approach to be very refreshing and down to earth. He will kick-off what promises to be a fun, enlightening, continual dedication to Liberty in 2010, (just think, our chapter hasn’t even celebrated our first complete year yet!)

Bring a new friend and join us in honoring the path of peaceful pursuit of individual freedom.

January 18, 2010

Old Chicago’s rooftop patio (weather permitting, if not, meet in the upstairs bar)

145 Union Blvd.

Lakewood, CO

Happy hour from 5 – 7 p.m.

FB group: Liberty On The Rocks (Red Rocks)

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Disclaimer: Speakers/Guests/Articles do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Liberty On The Rocks. Liberty on the Rocks is a non-partisan organization and does not endorse or oppose any candidate in any election.

Colorado Springs Liberty on the Rocks!

Liberty on the Rocks @ McCabe’s THIS Thurs 10/8

Freethinking alternative to Democrat ‘Drinking Liberally’ meetups

We have changed locations!  Here is what you can expect at the new venue:

  • 25-cent wings
  • $4.50 20oz import drafts
  • $2.75 20oz Bud Light drafts
  • $3.00 Wells
  • $3.00 House wines
  • $4.00 16oz import drafts
  • $2.25 16oz Bud light drafts

Join us for networking and educational opportunities as well as for  great conversations!


McCabe’s Tavern
520 S. Tejon Street
Colorado Springs, CO

East Bay Liberty on the Rocks: Friday, June 26 at Berkeley

Okay, I just got a call from Jun Dam, who will be hosting the East Bay event this month. It seems that Walnut Creek will be a more central location for those of you that are in the East Bay. At least this is his hypothesis based on conversations with people at our events.

The June 26 event will now be held at Pyramid Alehouse in Walnut Creek, CA

1410 Locust Street

Walnut Creek, CA 94596
(925) 946-1520

Remember to bring a liberty-minded friend with you to the event! Look forward to catching up with y’all on the East Side. :)

There will be a SPECIAL GIVEAWAY to those of you that make it to this event. It’s a secret, so you’ll have to come to find out what it is.

Please post in comments if you’ll be driving there, need a ride, where you’ll be coming from, etc.

On Facebook we already have a request for a ride from the South Bay.

Denver Liberty on the Rocks May 20th

It’s time once again to come out and meet all the other liberty-minded individuals in your area!  Conservative?  Libertarian?  Independent?  Do you love liberty and want the government to shrink in size?  Than this is the group for you and these are the people for you to meet!  Liberty on the Rocks organizers will make a few announcements about events and happenings coming up in the local community, but other than that it is a social hour – get to know other activists in your area, as well individuals who are simply fed up with Washington.

We meet at the Uptown Tavern (17th & Pearl) in the pool room at 7pm.  Hope to see you there!