Free Webinar on the Constitution!

The US Constitution was adopted as the governance documents for the United States of America on September 17, 1787.  Most of us are likely not as familiar with the short but powerful document as we should be (link here for the full seven Articles, plus amendments, with references), and the resurgent conversation regarding the duties and appropriate powers of Congress is offering great opportunities to become better citizens, by becoming better educated about what “they,” the Legislative, Executive and Judicial Branches, are and are NOT supposed to be doing.

Hillsdale College is sponsoring a free, full day webinar broadcast of a live town hall event this Saturday, January 30th, on Reviving the Constitution.  Link here to register, and if you’d like a peek at the schedule, here’s the pdf link. NOTE:  IF YOU WERE UNABLE TO WATCH THE LIVE BROADCAST, AN ARCHIVE IS AVAILABLE AT THE ABOVE REGISTRATION LINK.

Our February 15th, (Presidents Day) meet up will also be centered on the Constitution (details to follow), so, go get your education on (for free!)

“Cap and Trade” Legislation Tied to Traders’ Pressures?

Wonder why there’s such a rush, by relatively few, to push “cap and trade” legislation forward?

This Marketwatch article, timed with the Copenhagen meetings with week, does an excellent job identifying the dynamics — this potential $2 trillion new asset class has been “stalled” by lack of action in the US, and therefore carbon prices in the current $118 billion carbon market are trading sideways or down (Goldman Sachs and Al Gore, Inc. are not happy…)

Should one infer that the real pressure to pass “cap and trade” is from commodity players looking for a new asset class to exploit? (at consumers’ expense, of course.)  It’s hard to make the case for a scientific imperative anymore, given the substantive, well-documented allegations of fraud in the theory of anthropogenic global warming.

Follow the money, unfortunately, is always good advice…

Where are today’s “Principled Politician”-s?

Adam Schrager’s book, The Principled Politician, could easily be the screenplay for a Frank Capra movie, ala Mr. Smith Goes to Washington...

…except it’s a true story, about a real man, (and it doesn’t have a “justice and fair play triumphs over all” ending).

Libertarians, fiscal conservatives, and history buffs will sigh wistfully getting to know colorful and quotable Ralph Carr, Colorado’s Governor from 1939 to 1943, rich with firsthand details of Colorado and the nation during this period in history. Although the time tumblers fall in a different order, the nation was just coming out of the Great Depression, the FDR administration’s power grabs and moves toward virtual totalitarianism were becoming ever more brazen, and then, the unthinkable…

…on December 7, 1941 the United States was attacked by the Japanese at Pearl Harbor.

Just as real bombs were slaughtering Americans and Allies in Asia and the South Pacific, political bombs were continually hurled at and exploding around this Lincoln-loving Republican, whose core principles were an unwavering belief in personal freedom, the Constitution, and the basic goodness of his fellow man.

What Mr. Schrager’s book succeeds at, most subtly and without artifice, is to force the reader to evaluate their own moral and political compass as we walk side-by-side with the Governor, opening the morning newspaper, reading the day’s mail, wondering how to manage and lead in a world gone mad. It’s a sobering and meaningful exercise, of benefit to all of us who cherish the promise in “We, the people…”

Linda Sasenick

OOPS! Climate researcher’s e-mails hint at data manipulation…

The UK’s venerable Telegraph is running with a surprising investigative series — apparently, a leading climate research university’s system got hacked, and there are some pretty juicy e-mails being posted, which, shall we say question the integrity of the data and the researchers.

Researcher Phil Jones has one of the highest “quotable quote” ratios in the hacked data, for tidbits such as quandaries about how to “hide the decline.”  Of course, he claims, though the hacked data appears genuine, the quotes are taken out of context.

I’m certain the mainstream US media will do a thorough investigation, and tell the public the truth…UK Telegraph article