8/1 Meetup Will Be Streamed Live!

Visiting from inside the (DC) beltway, William Owens, publisher of Tea Party Review Magazine, is planning to visit with us to LIVE STREAM metro-Denver’s hottest politico rooftop gathering tomorrow.  Mr. Owens streamed the Western Conservative Summit this weekend, and also introduced today’s straw poll winner, presidential candidate Herman Cain.

We expect a great “Liberty” crowd for what should be a lively discussion about a) education, with Jeffco BOE director Laura Boggs (how timely, the Lobato case starts tomorrow!) and 2) Obamacare with Dr. Jill Q. Vecchio of Docs 4 Patient Care – wear your LOTR t-shirts and lapel pins for this special meetup; maybe our legislators will be tuning in to get the pulse from the grassroots, and begin to feel the heat from the Mile High City!

Join us as we put our country on alert, that among our goals are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happy hour :)