Liberty Drinks for Young Liberty Minded Bostonians

Hello Friends, Romans, Small Government Types, Libertarians, Voluntarists and Anarchists,

Sean Henry Ryan, Megan Duffield and I are starting up a more active young professionals/students liberty social group in the Boston area. We need your support!

Young professionals and students for liberty – join us for one of our events plus drinks with fellow liberty minded friends in an informal atmosphere! This is not your grandfather’s Tea Party. ;-)

If you are connected with a liberty group we would appreciate any promotion or spreading of the word you can offer. We are not looking to reinvent-the-wheel and would gladly promote your group / events – we simply are trying to add more glue to the liberty network in the Boston area. To make this community more glue-y we plan to focus primarily on social functions bringing together young people (young at heart) and supporting the existing liberty groups.

We’re launching a more active liberty social community here in Boston and would enjoy hearing your ideas about:

> social events

> activism

> spreading ideas

> liberty education

Mission:1. create a friendly and social atmosphere where people of all persuasions can share ideas, learn the philosophy of liberty and make friends

2. do not actively advocate any particular politicians, activists or groups but allow a venue for those entities to amplify their voice and have their ideas supported without violating #1, ideally in exchange for promotion of Liberty Drinks