Rules of Engagement

David Kelly
16 February 2010

Reading a news story in this morning’s paper on the military offensive taking place in Afghanistan, I shook my head in disgust at the American Empire’s rules of engagement that our Marines and soldiers must follow while in harms way. Soldiers

One rule they must adhere to is that they can not fire on anyone who appears to be unarmed. What kind of war are we fighting? Our enemies know these rules all to well and take full advantage of them. This military offensive is nothing more than political correctness on steroids in a part of our world that follows the only rule of war that matters: kill or be killed.

If our government and military leaders feel that this is the best way to fight the Taliban or whomever we deem as our enemy, then we will always and most definitely lose battles, good men and women, billions of dollars, and eventually our empire or, if you prefer, our Republic.

It is time for our military to come home or to be given the orders to fight this war in full. No special rules of engagement. Kill our enemies before they kill us. It is that simple.

So I ask our government to make the right choice and let our men and women fight this war with all that we have, give our enemies no quarter and show them that we are not there to play police games.

If we can’t do that, then bring our troops home.