What to Do About the Scott Brown Issue?

After a recent post about Scott Brown being far from a liberty-oriented candidate, many responded that it’s important to live in reality, and that we cannot have a perfect candidate. Especially not one who lives in Massachusetts.  

I agree that it’s important to live within the means of reality, and I believe that is exactly what I’m doing – and what others should do as well.  Scott Brown is nowhere near the ideal candidate. However, as I argued in another post, it isn’t only about electing the right candidates.  Because I live in reality and I know that many out there wouldn’t vote for a truly liberty-oriented candidate, I argue that rather than focus all of our efforts on electing the “right” candidate, we focus a good amount of our time on informing people and discussing the ideals of liberty.  If we choose not to do this and to simply continue trying to elect candidates, we will always be given choices like Scott Brown.  Not just in Massachusetts, but in other places as well.  I must admit that I don’t have much hope for Colorado in 2010, and the reason is because I don’t believe enough voters in the state truly believe in liberty.  And so long as that is the case, we will never have a truly pro-liberty man or woman in office.

Remember, it is about us! The people elect those in office.  And while those in office often try to lead the people where they want them to go, most will not be elected or get into office by going completely against an extreme majority in this country.  Therefore, I argue that we must spread the ideals of liberty to everyone and everywhere. And yes, Scott Brown being elected was no surprise, and I didn’t see it happening any other way.  He was elected, and we must understand that, but the goal must now be to showcase the example of Scott Brown, and to KEEP talking about this until we are able to get a liberty-oriented consensus in this country.  All lovers of liberty and freedom must take on the responsibility of selling the principles of liberty if they ever wish to have a better reality.