Another example of the complete disconnect between the “progressive” search for utopia and reality.

The State of Colorado spent $223 million in 2004 on a computer system to streamline the Medicaid and foodstamp programs in the state. It did not work.

So the State of Colorado spent another $44 million with Deloitte to consult on how to fix it. It still does not work. (See the Denver Post article “Feds target delays in aid.“)
So the feds are coming in to audit. According to the Post:

In announcing the review to state officials, federal Medicaid managers said one point of focus would be pharmacy-based systems that tell dispensaries whether a client seeking drugs qualifies for aid. In the summer of 2009, 9-year-old Zumante Lucero died after a pharmacy allegedly wouldn’t fill his asthma prescription despite proof the family qualified for Medicaid help.

And yet compassionate, statist, “progressives” think it is benevolent to force a similar, government run system on all of us via Obamacare.