Meeting in Montreal, QC

If you are in Montreal, Quebec, our monthly Pub Night will be this Thursday, May 12th at the Mazurka Restaurant on Prince Arthur, corner St.Lawrence. We start at 7:30 PM until closing at 11:00 PM. The meeting is held on the 2nd Thursday of every month. Good food, good conversation.

New Orleans Liberty on the Rocks: A Tribute to all Soldiers

A Memorial Planned for our Fallen and a Tribute to Veterans at 2pm.

Please contact anyone you know that is a Veteran
OR if you know a Veteran group. Invite them even if its only for the 2pm Ceremony.

Patriotic Music, Educational Booths, and Face Painting for the kids (or grown-ups who are kids).

Invite family, friends and co-workers… people who you know that still have an APATHETIC attitude to what is going on with our Federal Government. Let’s light the fire in their gut .

***IMPORTANT*** Part of the ceremony will include children and/or you to present flowers DURING THE CEREMONY to a memorial table I will have set up. Please bring a small bouquet and join in “Remembering the Fallen”.