Liberty on the Rocks Teams Up with Big Government Gary!

This weekend, brave volunteers for Liberty on the Rocks will don fat suits at the Bridge River Run event in an attempt to personify an out of control government  – while attracting people to the kick off of our 19th chapter in Charleston, South Carolina.

Big Government Gary represents a government that is out of control and needs to get “fiscally” fit. The question is, how can we make that happen? Of course we can go to the voting booth every few years and hope a politician eventually has the guts to reduce the size of government – or – we can attempt to move our culture towards one that values liberty and free markets. Real change won’t come from a single politician, it will take masses of people demanding that the government stop spending. That means on everything – including social security, medicaid, medicare, defense, education, etc.

Click here to view the embedded video.

Click here to view the embedded video.

So how can this be done? At Liberty on the Rocks we believe it starts with connections. Networking and information gathering. That is why we started meeting in a bar over two and a half years ago to get to know each other  – and it is why we have grown to 18 chapters in 10 states today. If you agree, start a chapter yourself! Or go find one to attend and get to know people in your community. Talk about the issues and find out the truth. If we are to change minds, we must first fully understand the issues ourselves.

If you agree – please share these videos and/or our website with your friends and family. There is definitely strength in numbers, so help us build them!