1st Annual Christmas Party!

1st Annual LOTR Christmas Party

PALM TAVERN Great selection of Belgian Beer along with fine liquor.
2987 S. Kinnickinnic Ave. in Bay View (neon sign in the window and the cross street is Rusk)

Bring friends! Gifts for everyone!  SILVER EAGLE RAFFLE!!!
Bring finger food if you can, since we don’t have George Soros funding us we have to supply our own goodies!

REMINDER: Wednesday, January 5th will be our planning meeting.  Anyone who really wants to get involved in the planning and choosing of events for the year please mark your calendar.  I haven’t decided on a quiet location for this yet.  If you can’t make it but really want to get more involved, just let me know and we can talk about how you’d like to be more involved.

In Liberty,

Stacy Kaat