Waiting For Superman – Showing @ LOTR Asheville!

Waiting for Superman (film & discussion) – hosted by Liberty on the Rocks – AVL
Firestorm Cafe, Mon, April 11, 6~9-ish
FREE & open to the public!

Liberty on the Rocks – Asheville, the local nonpartisan social group connecting liberty advocates, will be moving our regularly scheduled weekly Monday night social @ El Chapala’s to Firestorm Cafe (48 Commerce St, under the Thirsty Monk) where we will be hosting the viewing and post-film discussion of Waiting for Superman.

Waiting for Superman is a new movie directed by Davis Guggenheim (Inconvenient Truth) that weaves together the stories of students, families, educators and reformers to shed light on the failing public school system and its consequences on the future of the United States. In this Sundance Audience Award winner for Best Documentary, Guggenheim deftly examines the options to improve public education and provide America’s teachers and students with the help they need.

We will also be joined by Betty Jackson, a mom with home schooling and education experience, aside from being a local community liberty activist. Betty has been asked to join us to share some of her many pearls of wisdom regarding the issue of our dismal American public education system.

We invite the general public to this free event to watch the movie and stay for a discussion regarding this very import topic that continues to impact current and future generations of Americans.

Political Debate: Which Party is a Bigger Champion of Liberty – Republicans or Libertarians?

Republicans or Libertarians: Which Party is the Biggest Advancer of Liberty and Freedom?

Join fellow liberty-lovers for happy hour this Wednesday night, as we debate this topic and many more at Liberty on the Rocks Denver. Our featured speakers will be Kelly Maher of Who Said, You Said and David K. Williams of the Gadsden Society and State Chair of the Libertarian Party. They will be debating which party (Republican or Libertarian) advances liberty further. We hope you will join in this friendly debate!


Mock Debate:

We will also start the night out with a mock debate from 6-7 PM – for those of us who aren’t ready to debate in public (like our stars David and Kelly), this is the way to prepare! Debate amongst friends, over beers and with an audience to throw in tips and strategies. What better way to train as a Defender of Liberty than at the bar with friends?!

Anyone is welcome to join in the mock debate. We are looking for volunteers to be debaters, judges and members of the audience. If you’re interested, sign up here.  The topic for this week’s mock debate will be: Do Public Sector Employees have the right to unionize and institute collective bargaining?

What IS Liberty on the Rocks Denver?

Liberty on the Rocks is Denver’s gathering place where individuals interested in the principles of liberty can join together, share ideas and learn from one another. LOTR Denver is also the place to learn of other organizations in the area and nationally – as well as how to get involved with them in the fight for liberty.

After the Flood in Nashville…. Liberty Lives On!

As the waters recede, we are happy to note that MAFIAoZA’s came through the flood mostly unscathed. Join your fellow lovers of liberty to swap flood stories, ideas for how to keep government small while we rebuild, and tip back a few brews, iced tea, or other beverages. Please feel free to bring lots of friends!


2400 12th Avenue South
Nashville, TN

Rutherford County Meets @ Bobby McKees!

Ever feel like you’re the only one wishing for a more limited government? Miss the fiscal restraints of the Constitution? Well you’re not alone! Join others who believe in the founding principles of this country for drinks, networking and great conversations surrounding activism for liberty!

Liberty on the Rocks is “A splendid mix of grass roots activism, libations, and good conversation. We are a group of citizens who endeavor to limit the reach of government into our personal lives, to ensure life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Join us for a meeting of the minds to discuss ways we can further our cause of liberty.”

We hope to see you at our second Rutherford County meet-up!


Bobby McKee’s
1720 Old Fort Parkway
Murfreesboro, TN