A Return to Values — A Good Read Irrespective of Your “Brand”

There are frequent discussions these days about political labels.  There is also value in putting the “brand” aside, and considering “generically” the issues of limited government, free markets and individual rights.

Our recent guest speaker, former Congressman Bob Beauprez, unabashedly carries the Republican banner, but it certainly doesn’t diminish his experience, views and perspective on those principles of individual liberty and adherence to the Constitution, we, as a group, proclaim.

In his recent book, A Return to Values, Beauprez, does what he does best – he calls it as he sees it.  He was there, part of the “do-nothing Congress” that is seen as having frittered away the opportunity to turn the ship around and head government back to the Founding Fathers’ brilliant vision.  There is always high value in learning the game from those who have played, and that insight on issues and politics makes the book a worthwhile read.

The first part is a short and touching autobiography, including war stories from the trials, tribulations and triumphs of being a freshman in Congress and a novice politician during “interesting times,” (Congressman Beauprez served as representative from Colorado’s then newly- formed 7th district from 2002-2006, and lost to Governor Bill Ritter in the 2006 Colorado gubernatorial election).  The second part is a well-researched, facts-driven overview of many of the challenges facing Colorado and our country, structured as a challenge to his party’s leadership to champion fiscal conservatism, the Constitution, and American traditions.

Throughout, you’ll find Beauprez writes as he speaks, from his heart, with honesty and clarity.  He names names, and freely takes and spreads criticism where he believes it’s due.

What comes through most though, in retrospect, is that politics was never supposed to be one’s business, it was supposed to be citizen service; a return to that value, politics serving its citizens, should be a commonality across all brands of politicians.

Bob Beauprez continues to write about policy issues in his blog, A Line of Sight.   His book, A Return to Values, is available through the link, at

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