Liberty Looks Globally, March 21st Happy Hour!

“The Great Androsphinx That Is Middle East Politics”

Up On The Roof, with Christine Burtt

Liberty (Red Rocks) closes out our dynamic 2nd year with our special guest, Christine Burtt. Ms. Burtt will have just returned from Egypt, and will talk with us about the current real world political happenings in the Middle East and boy, oh boy is she qualified to take on our Q&A.

Christine Burtt is president of a public relations and consulting firm, a political trainer and campaign consultant to countries and candidates worldwide, including the Middle East and Russia, a new media coach, and chairman of the Colorado Republican Business Coalition, which promotes the interests of small businesses (besides her numerous volunteer activities). I hope everyone takes advantage of this opportunity to get the big picture on Liberty!

Friends of Liberty

Join me and our Liberty friends for one dynamite movie, “The Cartel.” This movie will be shown at the Independence Institute on March 16th, from 6-8p.m. Details and reservations at:

Become a Persuasive Liberty Advocate!

Join your Liberty friends on March 24th for the new Liberty West Toastmasters being held at Stevinson Toyota. Details at:!/event.php?eid=132110993526662

Christine Burtt Event Details

March 21, 2011
Old Chicago’s rooftop
145 Union Blvd.
Lakewood, CO
Happy hour from 5 – 7 p.m. (Speakers generally begin between 5:45 – 6:00)

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Disclaimer: Speakers/Guests/Articles do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Liberty On The Rocks (Red Rocks).

The Good American Post

Thanks to our new friends at The Good American Post for linking to us this morning and promoting our cause for liberty! I was able to meet their Chief Executive Officer and Publisher Tisha Casida and Operations Manager Steve Thompson at Liberty On The Rocks Red Rocks this past Monday, where we hosted featured guest Pete Coors.

The mission of The Good American Post is to promote freedom as well as to help support small business by providing the tools necessary for interested parties to establish their own local news source, while simultaneously creating a profit. The publication, which is available both online and in print, provides communities access to local and national news, with a focus on promoting non-biased information on governance, the economy and sustainability. Anyone interested in working with the Good American Post to publish their own local newspaper can find their contact information here. Tisha from the GAP will be joining the Liberty Bus for their 2 week tour across the United States, which will end in Washington D.C. in time for the big 9/12 Rally on the steps of the capitol.

It is so rare to see the liberty viewpoint addressed in the mainstream media, so it is up to us to establish our own. A great quote by Mahatma Gandhi encourages us to, “Be the change [we] want to see in the world”. We cannot emulate the believers of big government who simply wait for them to get it right. If the media won’t cover our stories and viewpoints on freedom, we must cover them ourselves.  This is why I very much support what this group is doing.

That being said, just because an individual decides to start one of these publications (or any other for that matter) under the banner of “freedom” or “liberty” does not mean all aspects of it will be perfect. With different individuals come different perspectives. It’s amazing how many different opinions I have heard from people in the “liberty movement” on the same topic. We simply cannot assume everyone in the business of writing or blogging for “freedom” is going to be correct on every issue. And yes, I do believe aside from personal opinions (i.e. I like chocolate better than vanilla) that fact is fact and there is no gray area. There are, for example, aspects of The Good American Post that I would take issue with, namely their focus on sustainable food systems and keeping dollars local. I personally believe that we need to trade, trade, trade! with all of the world, rather than focus on keeping our dollars within our communities (that gives us a much larger population to trade with!). However, as I briefly read through their website I was given the impression that they would also be open to discussing this issue and others through the lens of opposing viewpoints. I do hope that is the case, as I believe discussion is vital to our success. I myself do not profess to know everything, and according to her bio, neither does Tisha of the GAP. That is the first step to even getting to the point of having a dialogue!

For me, almost nothing is more important than education and information gathering, especially for those who write on the topic of freedom or plan to discuss its merits with anyone, let alone the news media. If we seek to enlighten others with the philosophy of liberty (a very worthy endeavor), we must first begin with fully enlightening ourselves.

November 2nd Happy Hour Meet Up

Huddle Up!  with former Bronco, current political author (clue: he considers himself an “l”) and sportscaster Reggie Rivers!  Reggie will be doing a book signing for his newly released work, “The Colony, A Political Tale.”  (You can order on-line at and receive a 25% discount by using the code Jeff61 )

As always, we’ll meet at Old Chicago, 145 Union Boulevard, Lakewood, CO, either on the upstairs patio or in the upstairs bar from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm.

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October 19th Meet-up

ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL?!?!  Hey, why fight it?  It’s Broncos v. Chargers, Monday Night Football, so we’re leaving the mic at home (i.e., no speaker).   But there’ll be plenty of time during the pre-game to engage in “tavern politics in the tradition of our Founding Fathers,”  5:00 pm to 7:00 pm in the upstairs bar (or rooftop patio — who knows?) at

Old Chicago, 145 Union Boulevard, Lakewood, CO

Join us every 1st and 3rd Monday of the month, and check back regularly for speaker updates!

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Liberty on the Rocks (Red Rocks) Happy Hour

Next meet up,  Monday, October 5, 2009. Topic:  DA Fed…Monetary Policy or Mayhem?  with our special guest, Dr. Barry Poulson, Senior Fellow, Independence Institute and economics scholar and author, up on the roof!   5pm – 7pm, Old Chicago rooftop patio (145 Union Blvd., Lakewood, CO)

Join us same time, same place, every 1st and 3rd Monday of the month for “tavern politics in the tradition of the Founding Fathers.”

Disclaimer: Speakers/Guests do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Liberty On The Rocks (Red Rocks).

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Liberty On The Rocks (Red Rocks) Happy Hour

Join us the 1st and 3rd Mondays of the month, 5pm – 7pm, Old Chicago rooftop patio (145 Union Blvd., Lakewood, CO)  for “tavern politics in the tradition of the Founding Fathers.”  Next meetup:

September 21, 2009

“Finding Reality and Alternative Opinions in the People’s Republic of Boulder” with our special guest, Former Mayor of Boulder, Robert Greenlee, up on the roof!  Join philanthropist (Leadership Program of the Rockies), entrepreneur (KBCO, Old Chicago), and conservative political commentator Robert Greenlee for a discussion of free speech versus “right speech.”

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10/05/09 – Dr. Barry Poulson, Senior Fellow, Independence Institute and economics scholar and author.

Disclaimer: Speakers/Guests do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Liberty On The Rocks (Red Rocks).

Red Rocks Gets Covered on Face the State!

Jeff, Chapter President of the Liberty on the Rocks Red Rocks, wants to make each meeting better every time.  He is always warning people that if they skip just one meeting – they never know what they’ll be missing out on!

Face the State, one of Colorado’s free market online news sources, reports one of their last meetings in this article:

Political newbies, veterans rub elbows at ‘Liberty on the Rocks’

Red Rocks Welcomes Colorado LP State Chair – David K. Williams!

David K. Williams, Jr. – Up On The Roof!
“The Conscience of a Libertarian” with our special guest, State Chair of the Libertarian Party of Colorado and President and co-founder of The Gadsden Society of Colorado, David K. Williams, Jr., Esq., up on the roof! For additional information visit and

Did Fox Business copy our happy hour? You be the judge.

Disclaimer: Speakers/Guests do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Liberty On The Rocks (Red Rocks).


Old Chicago (rooftop – weather permitting)
145 Union Bouldevard
Lakewood, CO

(Red Rocks) Liberty on the Rocks in the blogosphere!

This was a great post in a blog called The Slothington Post

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tolerance and Fairness

Today is going to be a day when some of you readers may not like what I have to say or feel it is too personal or even angry, and you would be right. I am tired of every attempt by one side to be heard or enjoy their (for the time being at least) American freedoms.For 8 years I heard nothing but some of the most vehement Anti-Bush rhetoric as well as some very disturbing instances of people calling for assassination or worse, with nothing being done to reign it in or condemn it. And regardless of how I may or may not have thought about it, it was their American right that I support (as long as they didn’t act on them) and I disagreed with those on the right who tried to silence them. However, now that the left has the power, any attempt by the right side of the aisle to criticize Darth Barack or his policies is met with ridicule (e.g. calling the Tea Party attenders the juvenile titled “Tea Baggers“).

Also during the entire Bush Presidency, we were told endlessly by the left that their dissension was the greatest form of Patriotism, but now that they are in power when the right dissents (be it tea parties, or townhall meetings) it is disruptive and damaging to the process of dialogue and debate. Hypocrisy thy name is The Left.

At recent town halls by Congressman returning home to their districts, they are being met with lots of anger and dissatisfied constituents. But instead of listening to these voices as they should be doing, they are condemning them as “thug” tactics, and/or as damaging to the debate. They accuse those who want them to answer for their actions (such as passing 1000 plus page bills without reading them) as being dishonest in their motives and being bussed in and taught how to disrupt and where to stand to appear as being a bigger group than they really are. I would like to know where this same concern was when ACORN was actually busing people in and teaching them how to protest AIG?? Why was that ok and genuine dissent, but the town halls aren’t?

We hear endlessly how the left is the side of fairness, tolerance, and open mindedness. However, their actions show them to be anything but those things. For a closer example, I attend a bi-weekly event called Liberty on the Rocks at a local (to me) Old Chicago. This group is very well behaved, respectful, and lawful. We have a few short speakers but mostly it is a time to network and meet friends and enjoy getting together with a group of similarly minded people. However, just last night we had to monitored by a member from the Old Chicago’s corporate office (and I would like to mention that none of us knew he was there for that reason until after our meeting was over) because they had received complaints that our group was disruptive, loud, and disturbing. The Corporate official told us afterwards that he saw nothing the complaint mentioned. The real reason the complaint was made was because the complainer was upset with our political ideology, they did not like what we were saying. Another example of the left trying to shut up anyone who doesn’t agree with them.. that sound like a tolerant, fair, and open minded group to you??

So, if you disagree with what your government and “elected” representatives are doing don’t be silenced or intimidated. Whatever side you fall on it is your American , God given (whether you believe in God or not) right to take a stand and speak your mind…don’t let ANYONE stop you or shut you up.. right or left.