Let Freedom Ring! on June 9th

Let Freedom Ring Wine Reception and Talk

Wednesday, June 9th 6:30 pm-8:30 pm
The Infinity: Club Lounge
333 Main Street
San Francisco, CA 94105

Cost $25. Tickets Sold at Brown Paper Tickets.


Larry Reed, President of the Foundation for Economic Education

Sally C. Pipes, President of the Pacific Research Institute

Patri Friedman, Executive Director & Founder of the Seasteading Institute

and John Chisholm, software entrepreneur.

Inspire and be inspired intellectually, socially & politically in the fight for freedom.

Mingle with like-minded lovers of freedom and thought leaders while enjoying fine wine and hors d’oeuvres.

Gain new perspectives while sharing your thoughts and suggestions; become part of intellectually stimulating and enlivening discussions leading to solutions and action. Hear from Larry, Sally and Patri how their organizations are leading the fight for freedom.

In her remarks, Sally Pipes will touch on health care: challenges, myths, and solutions. Patri Friedman will explain how seasteading improves governments through the power of competition. Larry Reed will inspire us to rise to the challenges and take principle-based action.

About the organizations: The Foundation for Economic Education (Irvington-on-Hudson, NY; founded 1946) is one of the oldest free-market organizations in the US. Through education and outreach, FEE advocates for first principles of freedom: private property, individual liberty, rule of law, and the free market. Learn more at

The Pacific Research Institute (San Francisco; founded 1979) champions freedom, opportunity, and personal responsibility for all individuals by advancing free-market policy solutions. Learn more at

The Seasteading Institute (Sunnyvale, CA; founded 2008) advances and supports the establishment and growth of permanent, autonomous communities on the open oceans, enabling innovation with new political and social systems. Learn more at

Parking: Street and public garage parking are readily available around the building.

Public transportation – three options:

– BART to Embarcadero station; walk 3 blocks south east on Main Street to 301 Main; enter through courtyard on the left side of street.
– Caltrans to 4th Street/King Street station in SF; tranfer to Muni. Take N or T line to Folsom station (at Embarcadero); walk two blocks south west on Folsom Street to Main Street; turn left on Main; walk 1/2 block south east to courtyard on left.
– Ferry. From SF Ferry Building walk three blocks south east on the Embarcadero to Folsom Street; walk two blocks southwest on Folsom to Main Street; turn left on Main; walk 1/2 block south east to courtyard on left.


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Saturday, Feb 13th, Seasteading Simulation Game

***Exploring the Mental Landscape of Seasteading***

Saturday, February 13th 2pm at your friendly neighborhood ivy league university, Patri Friedman will be running a seasteading simulation game he co-developed, otherwise known as the Seasteading LARP (live-action role-playing game).

The point of the game is to explore the mental landscape of seasteading. Each of you will take on the role of a seasteader eking out your existence on the open seas, interacting with other seasteads and nations, and figuring out how to create the situation most suitable to your ideals.

The game is played in wide room full of props and a projector screen, so expect a bit of walking around. Flats rather than heels, etc.

We have reserved a room on the Stanford Campus for this purpose, courtesy of film documentarian Jason Sussberg, whose Ephemerisle documentary we’ll watch on the projector screen as an opener.

The game takes roughly 3 hours.

FOOD of suitable variety for a goodly luncheon will be served. Feel free to bring your own dishes to share.

This event takes place within the Stanford Campus in McClatchy Hall (Building 120), Room 433 (The Knight Fellows Lounge).

Here’s the MAP:

Please note! ***We’ll be filming this event***. Jason Sussberg will be using footage of the game in his upcoming documentary about Patri Friedman, to be released this summer.

ps. Here’s a good opportunity to grab some friends on a Saturday afternoon and get them familiar with the concept of Seasteading through an interesting Diplomacy-like game.

pps. did i mention free food? :)

Seasteading 2009 Annual Conference

Where: Cathedral Hill Hotel, 1101 Van Ness Ave San Francisco, CA 94109.

When: Monday, September 28th through Wednesday, September 30th

What: The second annual seasteading conference will provide an opportunity for seasteading enthusiasts and newcomers alike to learn, discuss, and explore the future of seasteading. The three-day conference will include social activities, talks and workshops, special TSI member events, and a unique seasteading strategic simulation.

To register and learn more visit their website.