Denver Meets for Liberty!

Join your fellow liberty lovers for a social gathering this Wednesday at the Uptown Tavern in Denver!  This is the place to share ideas with others as well as to find out what is going on the Denver area to support liberty.  We aim to provide resources for all guests so they can also find the best ways to get information on the principles of liberty. Be sure to check out the literature table while you’re discussing ideas and making new friends in the liberty movement.

Together we can make a difference, but divided we are left hopeless.  We are not alone in our beliefs and it’s important to reinforce that. So come on out to network, share ideas and make new friends, so that we can expand our ideas of freedom and save our country from the tyranny it is under.

The Uptown Tavern offers half off bottles of wine and $4 vodka drinks on Wednesday nights. Hope to see you there!

The Uptown Tavern (17 & Pearl)
Denver, CO