Saturday, Feb 13th, Seasteading Simulation Game

***Exploring the Mental Landscape of Seasteading***

Saturday, February 13th 2pm at your friendly neighborhood ivy league university, Patri Friedman will be running a seasteading simulation game he co-developed, otherwise known as the Seasteading LARP (live-action role-playing game).

The point of the game is to explore the mental landscape of seasteading. Each of you will take on the role of a seasteader eking out your existence on the open seas, interacting with other seasteads and nations, and figuring out how to create the situation most suitable to your ideals.

The game is played in wide room full of props and a projector screen, so expect a bit of walking around. Flats rather than heels, etc.

We have reserved a room on the Stanford Campus for this purpose, courtesy of film documentarian Jason Sussberg, whose Ephemerisle documentary we’ll watch on the projector screen as an opener.

The game takes roughly 3 hours.

FOOD of suitable variety for a goodly luncheon will be served. Feel free to bring your own dishes to share.

This event takes place within the Stanford Campus in McClatchy Hall (Building 120), Room 433 (The Knight Fellows Lounge).

Here’s the MAP:

Please note! ***We’ll be filming this event***. Jason Sussberg will be using footage of the game in his upcoming documentary about Patri Friedman, to be released this summer.

ps. Here’s a good opportunity to grab some friends on a Saturday afternoon and get them familiar with the concept of Seasteading through an interesting Diplomacy-like game.

pps. did i mention free food? :)