LOTR Meets Up in Tempe!

Liberty On The Rocks Greater Phoenix Area!

What: Happy Hour & Phenomenal Discussion Surrounding Liberty
Where: The Tavern on Mill | 404 S. Mill Avenue in Tempe AZ
When: Wednesday, March 30 from 6-11 PM
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A new venue for a new war, everyone! It’s time to celebrate! We’ll be discussing that matter, of course. Other possible topics for debate or discussion: what should the US and Japanese governments be doing (if anything) for the on-going tragedy and victims of the tsunami? How could individuals or libertarians support the Middle East revolutions without supporting war? Is it the end of nuclear power as we know it? And can I shed enough pounds from my beer belly to convince the Average American that I don’t drink “too much” (pfft!)?

We’ll be having another blow-out bang blash at Aaron’s for April. So don’t feel compelled to fall over drunk at this event. But please attend in any case! Of course, deviates, reprobates and econ junkies are welcome! Be there or be a tax-sucking puritan.

Join Liberty Lovers in Tempe this Tuesday!

Come join fellow liberty-minded individuals and political activists to discuss rights, duties, and an individual’s relationship to government.

Sure, they have tanks but even one man with the necessary conviction can halt an army.

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Monti’s La Casa Vieja
100 S. Mill Avenue
Tempe, AZ