Political Debate: Which Party is a Bigger Champion of Liberty – Republicans or Libertarians?

Republicans or Libertarians: Which Party is the Biggest Advancer of Liberty and Freedom?

Join fellow liberty-lovers for happy hour this Wednesday night, as we debate this topic and many more at Liberty on the Rocks Denver. Our featured speakers will be Kelly Maher of Who Said, You Said and David K. Williams of the Gadsden Society and State Chair of the Libertarian Party. They will be debating which party (Republican or Libertarian) advances liberty further. We hope you will join in this friendly debate!


Mock Debate:

We will also start the night out with a mock debate from 6-7 PM – for those of us who aren’t ready to debate in public (like our stars David and Kelly), this is the way to prepare! Debate amongst friends, over beers and with an audience to throw in tips and strategies. What better way to train as a Defender of Liberty than at the bar with friends?!

Anyone is welcome to join in the mock debate. We are looking for volunteers to be debaters, judges and members of the audience. If you’re interested, sign up here.  The topic for this week’s mock debate will be: Do Public Sector Employees have the right to unionize and institute collective bargaining?

What IS Liberty on the Rocks Denver?

Liberty on the Rocks is Denver’s gathering place where individuals interested in the principles of liberty can join together, share ideas and learn from one another. LOTR Denver is also the place to learn of other organizations in the area and nationally – as well as how to get involved with them in the fight for liberty.

Local Colorado Activists Question Democratic Candidates on Tax Issues

While attending a campaign event for Democratic Gubernatorial candidate John Hickenlooper along with a few local activists, I became curious about whether the current Mayor was planning to lower our taxes if he was elected to be Colorado’s governor.  After spending about 10 minutes talking about the importance of the economy and helping families who are struggling financially, I thought it was a fair question to ask. So what was the Mayor’s response? To say that we are “…about as low as we can go with taxes.”

Check out the story and watch a video of the Mayor’s response on the new up and coming site Who Said, You Said.

After hearing the Mayor’s response, I perused the local Colorado Spending Transparency site, a project of the Independence Institute, where I (quickly) found a story exposing the fact that over $9 million of the Colorado State budget was spent on a combination of bankcard fees, interest on late payments and a host of other miscellaneous fees and fines. It doesn’t stop there either. Another story shows us that since the beginning of July of this year, $764,024.72 has been spent on advertising for the state. Gee, I wonder what it is they are advertising? Maybe it’s how well they are spending our money? Perhaps Hickenlooper should put an additional clause on his statement reading “…so long as we continue down the path of wasting a good portion of the money that is already coming in…”