We need your help today to reach more Americans and take America’s game back!

Thousands of Americans have already sent letters and messages telling the NFL and Rodger Goodell: Take the politics out of football and enforce the rules to have players stand for the flag and the National Anthem.  

We need your help to reach 100,000 people immediately to join our grassroots effort and deliver an overwhelming number of petitions and calls to the NFL to tell them: We want our game back. Take the Politics out of Football. 

It’s time to level the playing field and take our game back. The average football player’s salary is nearly $2 Million a year while the average family lives on just $59,000 a year. Worst of all today your hard-earned tax dollars pay subsidize their NFL stadiums. NO MORE!

Help us reach 1 million Americans to join the grassroots movement to take our game back!

Yes – I want to contribute! Only $10.00 – the cost of a beer at a football game – will help us reach more than 3,000 American football fans.

Let’s get started…

Help Us Reach 1 Million Americans

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