The Enviro-Cult’s war on the poor.

I have often referred to the “Al Gore Cult of Global Warming.” The name is no longer appropriate. They have abandoned the “global warming” scam and now refer to it as “climate change.” Alas, changing the label on the snake oil does not change its contents.

They have also branched out. They are now against “fracking” for natural gas despite no evidence of groundwater contamination at all. They hysterically point to burning tap water, but that is caused by naturally occurring methane and not any man-made contamination. They never let science, however, get in the way of the horror story they are shilling.
“Look! There is an evil well put their by an oil and gas company! And look! This tap water is on fire! The evil, profit-seeking company HAS to be blamed! It is the evil, profit-seeking, soulless CORPORATION’S fault!”
Except it is not.
So, I will no longer refer to the “Al Gore Cult of Global Warming.” Henceforth, they are the “Enviro-Cult.” It is more inclusive. I think the progressives will appreciate my inclusiveness.
The Enviro-Cult must be distinguished from actual environmentalists, like Ducks Unlimited. DU actually cares about the environment and is not using it as pretext to push a socio-political movement.
The Enviro-Cult is waging a war on the poor. And they do not care. They oppose technology that makes energy cheaper. They support the subsidization of technology that makes energy more expensive. In the winter, rich folks will just write a bigger check for heating. Poor folks will just get cold.
And some of the old and frail will die.
But the Enviro-Cult does not care. When the collective well-being of the entire earth is more important than the individual, some individuals will be sacrificed. Sorry, grandma, but it’s for the good of the earth.
Then, as poor people freeze to death, the Enviro-Cult will kick in Phase II. They will publicly decry the deaths – conveniently leaving out that their policies caused them – and demand that the rich folks pay “their fair share” for the poor folks’ heat.
It is beautiful in its simplicity: Use the environment as a pretext for achieving purely political ends.