The most important election ever? Nope. Not even the most important in the last four years.

The 2012 presidential election is being called “The Most Important Election Ever!”


Even the election of 2008 was more important. Unfortunately the GOP gave us John McCain as the only viable option against the disaster that is Obama. And yet, four years later, it is the same group that is going to give us the only viable option against that same disaster.

Mitt Romney? Really? Mitt is McCain without the war resume.He’s Bob Dole without the charisma.

If you ran a business and your hiring manager kept choosing poorly, would you let him keep making those decisions? If you did, whose fault would the next bad choice belong to?

If you keep hiring the same contractor to work on your house and each addition has a leaky roof, you get exactly what you deserve.

Mitt is pretty leaky.

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