Traffic Court Outreach

Time is fleeting, and how long we have is uncertain. I want to use some of my time to spread the ideas of liberty, and I want to do that in the most effective way possible.

Some people can be brought to the ideas of liberty through moral or practical arguments, but they are not the majority. And even when you can change someone’s mind, the process time-consuming and frustrating. I don’t know about you, but I’ve spent way too much time talking about the roads and the schools.

Judicial Corruption

How the legal system really works

Jury nullification outreach is pretty popular right now, and I don’t want to disparage it – the potential payoff is huge if your successful. My question is, what are the chances of success? Your typical juror is a probably more statist than most people – they’re registered voters who didn’t find or make up an excuse when summoned.

More importantly, as a juror, they are actively serving the state at that moment, so anything you do that calls the system into question  also calls their actions into question. Yes, I understand that jury nullification is part of the system, or at least as it was designed to be, but that is not the story they’re going to get from the judge and the prosecutor.When is the best time to reach out to someone with the ideas of liberty? I think the answer is to reach out to someone is when they are being wronged by the state, and when a clear, concise moral case can be made to that person, explaining why what’s happening is wrong. I want to find those people and start a conversation.

I can think one State activity that generates victims by the hundreds each day: traffic court. Granted, they are very minor victims compared to other government aggression, but they are victims none the less. Whatever the stated purpose of government courts, they largely serve as revenue generators for the government, where a government employee sits in judgement, and the cop’s word is always gospel.

The State acts judge, and benefits from every guilty verdict. We wouldn’t accept such a blatant conflict of interest in any other area of life. How easy would it be to point out that miscarriage of justice to the person being victimized by it? It’s easy, and it would make a great starting-point to the ideas of liberty.

In order to be effective, activism must reach people who are when they’re sympathetic to the message. Providing monopoly dispute resolution services is one of the primary functions of the state. If you can show people the inherent conflict of interest involved in the “justice” system, then you have opened the doors to the ideas of liberty.

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