Want to honor our veterans? Try fiscal responsibility…

Something to think about on Memorial Day:

“This Memorial Day, I’m reflecting upon the remarkable life of Frank Buckles, the last known American veteran of World War 1, Frank Woodruff Buckles, who passed away in West Virginia in February at the age of 110. Buckles witnessed astonishing events in the course of his life, including the rise of the United States as the pre-eminent global power.”

“Our troops, both past and present, need to know they’re leaving a greater bequest to their children and grandchildren than a credit card bill. In their honor, it’s time for leaders in Washington to get serious about reining in government spending and reducing the national debt.”

And remember to thank a veteran for their part in preserving our rights, lets focus on the Constitutional Government they signed up to protect and the free market capitalism favored by the founders who risked their lives and property to establish a nation of freedom, peace and prosperity.

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